Interview With Michael Froomkin: Watching ICANN Through IETF
Date: Thursday January 30 2003, @10:48PM
Topic: The Big Picture

AF writes "CircleID recently had an interview with Michael Froomkin based on his article recently published on Harvard Law Review: ' Toward a Critical Theory of Cyberspace'. Among many areas discusses in his article are a set of interesting comparisons made between the ICANN model and that of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). Froomkin has underlined several noteworthy lessons that can be learned from this contrast, including a suggestion 'that claiming kinship with the IETF model is a way of claiming legitimacy, but that not every one who makes this claim is entitled to do so'.

For the few members of this community who may not be aware, Michael Froomkin is a Professor of Law at the University of Miami School of Law and one of the founding members of ICANNWatch. What follows is a two-part interview with Michael Froomkin and a closer look at his recent article in the Harvard Law Review:

Read the Interview..."

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