The Register Thinks ICANN Should Be More Like Nominet
Date: Wednesday January 29 2003, @03:55PM
Topic: The Big Picture

The Register thinks ICANN should be more like Nominet. In a three-part series (War and Peace compared to the usual Register quickie) charmingly entitled Where the hell is my website?, the Reg looks at The nightmare and the US system (what it thinks is wrong with ICANN); The UK system and what ICANN should do to be more like it (why Nominet is a good model), and A practical guide to making sure you keep hold of your domain (basic sensible advice that's unlikely to be a surprise to most readers of these pages). Update: 01/30 20:41 GMT by Michael: Link fixed thanks to Anon.

The series has already drawn a testy response from Tucows's Ross Rader ("The article lays many atrocities at the feet of ICANN and neglects to recognize that responsibility for enforcement lies not with the regulator, but with the registries such as GNR, Verisign etc. So the question should really be "Why aren't the registries moving to fix these problems?").

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