Date: Monday January 27 2003, @11:46AM
Topic: Laugh (or Cry)

Remember when Cap'n Mike of the mighty ship ICANN thundered, in an Ahabesque fit of post-9/11 bombast, that the At Large was out of the question, "along with a lot of other populist notions about any old terrorist around the globe getting to vote on how to run the DNS." Well, thanks to his heroic efforts those terrorists may not be able to vote on the DNS -- but why would they when they can have their very own domain under the prestigious .mil TLD? For free -- and in just a few minutes!

Three days after the Register's Tommy Greene wrote it up (and Bret Fausett's ICANN Blog noted it), the US Defense Department's domain-name registration website is still wide open. Neither Greene nor Fausett provided a pointer, but here's a hint: it took me about three Google searches, and not even that many minutes, to find the site.

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Now, if only...
by dtobias ( on Monday January 27 2003, @05:40PM (#11037)
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the U.S. military would actually use their "prestigious" .mil domains, instead of the stupid dot-com abominations like and they use in their recruiting ads...
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