New TLDs: Feeding on white elephant domains
Date: Thursday December 26 2002, @07:25PM
Topic: New gTLDs

AF writes "Bruce Young, in the second part of his examination of new TLD plans on CircleID, entitled Examining Stuart Lynn's Domain Name Plans - Part II says: "Corporations are saddled with a growing inventory of "white elephant" domain names they really don't need but must pay to maintain, while John Q. Public is stuck with easily forgotten domain names 10 to 20 characters long.""

[Young continues:] "This is not to say that we shouldn't have domains where trademarks hold sway. Certain domains, such as .COM and .BIZ, should be designated as 'commercial preserves' where companies and their customers can expect trademarks to predominate. But everything outside of these preserves should be open to 'first come, first served' ownership by anyone with the registration fee."


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