It's Time To End This Farce
Date: Sunday December 01 2002, @05:36PM
Topic: New gTLDs

Anonymous writes "It appears completely evident now that the ICANN board was entirely incompetent in their selection process for the first 7 new TLDs. Deliberate falsification of technical and business reports (and the glaring absence of the report itself) aside, they made such a big deal about selecting registries that had solid business and techncal plans and a good idea. They even turned down one applicant because they felt the TLD string didn't "sound right" when pronounced. Yet, in the perfect world, all ICANN could possibly say is..."

"We goofed! INFO and BIZ are doing marginally well at best, PRO hasn't seen the light of day and never will, NAME is going nowhere, and MUSEUM, AERO and COOP are living in their self-desired obscurity. We've created no real competition for COM and NET, we've given ORG to our obedient lap dog, and all we're doing now is setting up an excuse to give TRAVEL and HEALTH to some heavy hitters who are rightfully pissed off at us from the first round."
It's time for the Department of Commerce to step in and end this farce. It's time for ICANN to admit that there is no technical reason to not expand the namespace apace with the applicants still waiting their fair chance. Measured introduction of new TLDs could start with the applications still in a "pending state" (according to ICANN), rather than introduce 3 new sponsored TLDs which, as postulated above, are nothing more than a "loser's bracket" for previous beauty contests. It's no secret that Neulevel was furious over not being picked to take ORG, and that their involvement with TRAVEL puts it on the fast track for Stuart Lynn's rushed rollout of 3 new sponsored TLDs before he beats a hasty retreat.

Is anyone at the Department of Commerce listening?

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Re: It's Time To End This Farce
by dtobias ( on Monday December 02 2002, @01:34PM (#10365)
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I don't see any connection between .pro and .int... .int is an intentionally tightly restricted domain for international treaty organizations, and was never expected to have a large number of registrations. It is operated directly by the IANA function of ICANN. .pro is a domain targeted at professionals within subdomains like and, and if and when it ever actually launches it will be in a similar category to the likes of .museum and .coop.

I agree that .biz has no real reason for existence, as it's intended for the same category of uses as .com (or, at least, what .com was intended for, commercial users, not what it's abused for).

.info has some point to existence, as the one domain that's explicitly chartered as a free-for-all, for informational sites of all sorts, whether commercial or not. However, the creation of more free-for-alls (like .web) is questionable unless something can be done about the severe startup conflicts between speculators and the trademark lobby, with actual users being left in the dust.

.name, which it seems to be "in" to sneer at around here, is a useful concept for personal use (no other TLD is chartered for that purpose), but needs better promotion. A Google search shows that there are in fact thousands of live pages in .name sites, so it actually is getting some use.
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