ICANN Invites Comments on its TLD 'Action Plan'
Date: Sunday November 10 2002, @04:48PM
Topic: New gTLDs

Anonymous writes "ICANN has posted an action plan for adding three new TLDs.

[Editor's note: The new ICANN no longer bothers with the pretense of bottom-up decision making, which at least might save time. This proposal, for example, came out of the blue, not via any ICANN supporting organization. Note also the 'regulator knows best' strain of logic that sees market forces as some sort of problem to be managed... -mf]"

Groups that submitted applications in 2000 will be permitted to update their applications, and ICANN will allow others to submit bids. It also appears that the .travel folks have the inside track on one of the three new TLDs, so the competition will really be for one of two new TLDs. According to Stuart Lynn, the dilemma is choosing between "market forces" and attempts to adopt a "taxonomic" approach to rationalize the DNS.

Publilc comments are invited, submit them before Dec. 10, 2002 to gtld-plan-comments@icann.org.

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Re: ICANN Invites Comments on its TLD 'Action Plan
by PeterBarron (pebarron@hotmail.com) on Monday November 11 2002, @04:53AM (#10074)
User #3240 Info | http://www.icannwatch.org/
I presume by PB you mean me? Do tell why?

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Re: Some Opening Comments on these NewTLD proposal
by PeterBarron (pebarron@hotmail.com) on Tuesday November 12 2002, @05:08PM (#10131)
User #3240 Info | http://www.icannwatch.org/
And they would enforce decisions how?

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