A Closed Reform is not the Answer
Date: Thursday November 07 2002, @09:35AM
Topic: The Big Picture

mpawlo writes "Ronda Hauben has replied to my column ICANN Without Schmucks. Hauben concludes:

"In considering how to make such accountability possible, Pawlo proposes an entity under the United Nations or similar body. This is a proposal to be discussed by the Internet community. However, there is no means for such discussion." (---) "A closed and secretive reform process won't be able to solve the problems that ICANN has created."

Read Ronda Hauben's column at CircleID."

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Re: A Closed Reform is not the Answer
by jimrutt on Thursday November 07 2002, @11:17AM (#10025)
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_No_ reform is probably the best answer..... for all the caterwauling about ICANN - it's basically doing what it was designed to do with respect to the DNS: very little.

Though of course it accomplishes its very little with much sound, fury, snarling, and gnashing of teeth.... I suppose we deserve an exciting show for our $5million a year or whatever it is they spend these days.

Most "reform" ideas I've seen proposed seem designed to make it easier for ICANN to do things. Why would anybody want that?

The current ICANN does no harm. Let's just leave there.===================== been there, done that
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