How to steal a domain name...
Date: Tuesday November 05 2002, @03:08AM
Topic: Registrars

GeorgeK writes "Today's lesson is on how to steal a domain name.....

Step 1. Find a high value domain name with an invalid administrative email address, preferably one that is not actively being used so that it won't be noticed."

Example:,, (owned by NAACP).

Step 2. Note in the WHOIS that the admin email is thawley@BAWAVE.COM, which until yesterday was on a domain ( that had long expired.

Step 3. Register the aforesaid domain name in Step #2. Oh my, some folks have caught on, as you can see the WHOIS for, freshly registered yesterday:

Nigger Inc +62.3189598
Hendra Gunawan
JL. Bengawan 56
Surabaya,Jawa Timur,Indonesia 60000


Record last updated at 2002-11-04 20:31:57
Record created on 2002/11/4

Step 3a: Ideally, make the registrant in step 3 very obscure, like in a far away land. ;)

Step 4: Activate the domain in Step #3 so that email is working, namely the email address in Step 2.

Step 5: initiate a transfer request, and accept using the email in step 4.

Step 6: enjoy

Given the NAACP's inability to fix the problem (I emailed them about this months ago), I acquired a SnapBack, in case someone tried to take the name. I imagine now that the process is unveiled, someone at Verisign (Chuck?) or at ICANN will do something.....(maybe someone in Washington, DC can give the NAACP a call, or something....

Since we're now potentially at Step 5, the time to act is now, guys and gals...

Your kind Samaritan,

George Kirikos

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Re: How to steal a domain name...
by GeorgeK on Tuesday November 05 2002, @10:33AM (#10006)
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Update: the NAACP has now changed the admin contact email. Kudos to Richard Lau of MyDomain who helped find the right contacts.
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Re: No Doubt!
by Elbow-Macaroni on Tuesday November 05 2002, @09:43AM (#10005)
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Yes do that and then setup some phony company like,, for instance and you can resell that domain name, normally worth as low as $8.50 for 200 times that amount. Wow, and it's even legal if you are working at Verisign aka Network Solutions aka ICANN.

Just be sure to not answer the phone though, it could be ugly. You have to be really secretive or they might fire bomb your family home.
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