Name Space Governance Help Requested
Date: Friday October 25 2002, @10:00AM
Topic: The Big Picture

pbachman writes "As some of you may know, Cequs Inc, is in the middle of designing the latest version of the c=US directory. It's a public/private partnership with govt. that came out the "other side" of the Internic, (DS) and a pilot project in the 1990's.

Cequs is basically just one person, me, and I'm interested in getting input and help in regards to governance issues so the concept can be expanded to become operational, and get it right the "second time", since it was already piloted."

The ITU standard was first issued around 1988, and has been updated since, there's currently a great deal of interest in using it to create a for profit user based directory, or something that might be run out of a combined authentication/authorization government effort, which would include hooks into Homeland Security, etc as well as glue for other identity management systems.

For example, a namespace listing in c=US would look like cn=Peter Bachman, o=Cequs Inc., c=US
A listing in a DNS based ldap server would look like cn=Peter Bachman, o=Cequs Inc. dc=cequs, dc=com
Both are in current use.

Some of the topics I'd be interested in hearing about from the policy wonks out there would be in areas such as:
  • 1. Democratic participation on the Cequs board.
  • 2. Election techniques for board members
  • 3. Developing enforcable guidelines to protect user privacy and other rights
  • 4. Security Issues
  • 5. Government negotiation issues
  • 6. International information sharing among govt agencies, (especially LE and Intel) in regards to directory information.
  • 7. Accountability
  • 8. Information classification issues between agreeing parties such as Executive Order #12958

  • If you are interested in authoring a whitepaper, looking into the issues, please contact me. This is along the lines of similar research going on in Europe by the E.U.
    Bear in mind that the primary issues are regarding protection of rights, legal issues, information sharing and governance, not the technical issues of running namespaces, root servers, LDAP/ X.500 and DNS.


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