Physical location of .us nameservers
Date: Wednesday October 09 2002, @03:40AM
Topic: USA Goverment Relations

yggdrazil writes "I just tried to change the nameservers for a .us domain, which they couldn't do because my nameservers aren't physically located in the USA. Apparently it's a US Department of Commerce requirement.

Is there any other ccTLD which has requirements on the physical location of nameservers for a domain name? (I'm not aware of any.)"

Perhaps European ccTLDs should begin denying nameserver changes to US located nameservers until the US agrees to a level playingfield, free trade, and all that.

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Re: Physical location of .us nameservers
by vbertola on Friday October 11 2002, @04:50AM (#9702)
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As far as I know, there is only one other country of the world that requires DNS servers for subdomains of its ccTLD to be physically located inside the country. And yes, just like the US, it is a country known for its peculiar ways of embracing of the free trade and free communication principles: China.
--vb. (Vittorio Bertola)
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