WHOIS Enforcement Update
Date: Thursday September 19 2002, @04:37PM
Topic: Registrars

jberryhill writes "It appears as if ICANN's new interest in enforcement of the 15 day "bed check" for inaccurate WHOIS data will work quite well as a predictable method for obtaining domain names."

Step 1: ICANN Complains to Verisign, Sept. 3

"7. visosite.com: On 15 May 2002, we forwarded to you a report concerning inaccurate data for visosite.com."

Step 2: Verisign Responds, Sept. 11

"We also have deleted 3 of the domain name registrations for not timely complying [...]"

Step 3: Domain Name Drops, Sept. 18

Domain Name: visosite.com
Registrant: John Berryhill
Date Registered: Sep 18 2002

Hats off to Mr. Touton and Mr. Mitchell for their hard work in providing me with visosite.com (and for providing Bret Fausett with fufus.net).

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Re: WHOIS Enforcement Update
by fnord (groy2kNO@SPAMyahoo.com) on Friday September 20 2002, @07:07AM (#9292)
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It's about the enforcement of WHOIS accuracy, a topic which has been going on for some time, and is tied in with the issue of registering deleted names, something else which has a long history, most recently including the WLS and the Grace and Redemption Period. Thus it is news. And congrats to John and Bret. I expect in future this will be automated and the average individual will be highly unlikely to be successful at getting such names.

The GoDaddy DomainsByProxy service is new (although other registrars have previously offered similar). I'm a registrant of some domains through GoDaddy but they've yet to send me anything on it. Even with more information (and I have read the press release), I didn't consider it that newsworthy. If ICANN gets around to having a problem with it, that will be newsworthy. I do commend GoDaddy for doing this, particularily for about an additional $10 (presently only $6), which with their $9 registration fee still totals out at less than just the registration fee of many other registrars. DBP's claim on their front page that: The law requires that the personal information you provide with every domain you register be made public seems a bit overblown though. What law would that be? As I'm not a member/citizen of ICANNLand, I don't recognize their laws. -g

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Re: WHOIS Enforcement Update
by fnord (groy2kNO@SPAMyahoo.com) on Friday September 20 2002, @08:52AM (#9295)
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