Neustar: A horrid new low in registration promotion campaigns
Date: Thursday September 05 2002, @08:36AM
Topic: USA Goverment Relations

Anonymous writes "I just got the email (below) in my inbox, and I cannot possibly put into words the horrible feeling that came in to my stomach as I read it.

How can anyone stoop to this low, capitalizing on such a tragic event as 9/11 for domain registrations, while using a national resource of the United States in the process of doing so?

This is just plain wrong."

I certainly hope for Neustar's sake that this is the fraudulent behaviour of one of their registrars and not direct action on their part, as this is really sick and twisted.

Date: Thu, 5 Sep 2002 07:57:38 -0500
From: NeuStar Team 
To: [spam list]
Subject: Fight Terrorism.  Buy .US During September 2002!

Buy a .US domain name from any NeuStar-accredited Registrar at during September 2002, and NeuStar will donate
$1.00 of your purchase price to the Rewards For Justice Fund (RFJF).

The RFJF is a nongovernmental, nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable
organization that enables people around the world to fight terrorism
in powerful ways: with financial contributions and insider
information. Donations will fund all aspects of the RFJF operation,
including supplemental rewards payments.

The Rewards for Justice Fund was created shortly after last year's
brutal attacks on America to allow individual citizens to contribute
directly to one of the government's most effective anti-terrorist
weapons, the Rewards for Justice Program. The program saves lives by
providing U.S. anti-terrorist agents with reward dollars for use in
convincing terrorist sympathizers to reveal terrorist plans and
hiding places.

For more information on the Fund, go to

This unique promotion is an easy way for you to play a key role in
keeping our world safe--at no extra cost. Log on to and purchase your .US address from any
NeuStar-accredited registrar anytime during September 2002!

Best regards,

Richard Tindal
Vice President of Sales and Marketing, NeuStar

To remove your email address from our mailing list, click on the
link below: 
[link omitted]

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Re: Neustar: A horrid new low in registration prom
by fnord ( on Thursday September 05 2002, @11:35AM (#9072)
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Well, it's no hoax: is NeuStar. Beyond that I just think it's tacky. -g
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Who is to blame?
by isquat on Saturday September 07 2002, @02:11AM (#9109)
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ICANN is blameless. .US is not under ICANN. Time to open a
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Re: Neustar: A horrid new low in registration prom
by ftobin on Thursday September 12 2002, @04:42PM (#9208)
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Just today in the mail I got a mail from my registrar, DomainDiscover, that has a similar message. Really makes me sad, since in other respects (e.g. policy) they've been a good registrar for me.
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Re: More bitter cries
by PeterBarron ( on Thursday September 05 2002, @10:55AM (#9068)
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They are trying to ride on the patriotism of you yanks, based upon a tragic event. It's sick. Had they wanted such a campaign, they could have chosen aid to victims families or even a donation to the American Red Cross.

The fund that they intend to donate the money towards provides bribes to informants. Bribes. Think of what those informants do with the money. Disgusting. Neulevel should be ashamed.

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Re: More bitter cries
by stacy ( on Friday September 06 2002, @06:02PM (#9106)
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This must be a joke...
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Re: Neustar: A horrid new low in registration prom
by fnord ( on Wednesday September 11 2002, @06:19AM (#9156)
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Lately I've been getting an increase of shotgun spam, sent to *, but that is rare, ISP's generally have the tools to block it once it starts, a good reason not to call yourself aardvark. -g
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