Dotster to challenge ICANN over WLS
Date: Thursday August 29 2002, @11:09AM
Topic: Registrars

GeorgeK writes "See the scoop here (DNSO Archives)."

It's good to see that some registrars have a backbone, and are willing to challenge the Board's decision that was unsupported by consensus.

[Editor's note: here's the text -mf]

Dear Registrar Constituency Members,

The recent decision by the ICANN Board to approve VeriSign’s WLS proposal is one that cannot go unchallenged. As a result, Dotster is currently formulating an appeal that will be submitted to the ICANN Reconsideration Committee within the next week. Dotster’s position regarding the WLS remains unchanged; we are against it in any form. Should our appeal to ICANN be rejected, we are fully prepared to exercise other legal remedies to stop the implementation of the WLS.

I will not waste your time by elaborating why Dotster is against the WLS. Our position has been well documented both with ICANN and on our web site. The purpose of this e-mail is to formally announce our intentions to resist this decision with all the resources and actions that my small company can gather.

Clint Page
Dotster Inc.,
11807 NE 99th Street, Suite 1100
Vancouver, WA 98682 USA

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Re: Dotster to challenge ICANN over WLS
by RFassett on Friday August 30 2002, @04:35AM (#8785)
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"Should our appeal to ICANN be rejected, we are fully prepared to exercise other legal remedies to stop the implementation of the WLS."

To me, this is an interesting "If-Then" relationship. One of the reasons cited by the anti-WLS group favoring ICANN involvement in the actual implementation decision (by consensus or whatever) was that leaving such a decision purely to a court of law (i.e. ICANN makes no decision on the basis it is outside its scope) would take so long that by the time a final decision was reached with the court method, Verisign would have effectively placed its competitors out of the market place (personally, I found this an odd argument given the swiftness of the Smiley injunction).

Now the question becomes, what would take longer, an ICANN reconsideration request or legal action? I suppose if the reconsideration decision has not been made by the WLS launch date, then the legal recourse would kick in? But, the Dotser announcement does not quite state such a "deadline" for reconsideration...certainly ICANN is not one to approach its work where establishing deadlines is considered an effective approach to its ability to make progress in its duties (unless one takes the approach that a non-decision IS indeed a decision). It would have been nice to see a deadline stated explicitedly here as part of Dotster's "If-Then" anouncement.
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Re: Auction...
by GeorgeK on Thursday August 29 2002, @12:42PM (#8764)
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If Verisign had an auction instead, they wouldn't be making all that money from people who buy WLS slots on names that will never expire, such as,,, etc. That's where the real cash is going to be made, selling false dreams to the consumer.
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