Dotster Speaks Out on WLS
Date: Tuesday August 27 2002, @02:33AM
Topic: Registrars

Anonymous writes "Dotster has done a good job in documenting the history of the WLS. They, along with other large registrars like Enom are obviously against the implementation of it. The big question is, do they have the nerve to challenge VeriSign or ICANN on the legalities of such a system. There's a good Letter from Clint Page, President of Dotster, and a paper from Dotster outlining the history of the WLS proposal."

Also, view the document: "Registrars in Favor of the Monopoly" (Includes registrars for and against the WLS).

Note: Name Engine, Name Secure,, all of whom voted for WLS are apparently owned by VeriSign! and, who also voted for WLS are apparently SnapNames partners!

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