An Idealistic Take on .org Policy
Date: Sunday August 25 2002, @12:02PM
Topic: .org

SAGEWire carries an interesting e-mail debate on the .ORG bids between John Gilmore, Electronic Frontier Foundation co-founder and general net.freedom fighter, and Jon "maddog" Hall, like Gilmore a USENIX board member, and also Executive Director of Linux International.

Notable comment: Gilmore thinks domain name registrations should cost about US $ 0.25 after startup costs are paid off. Why isn't anyone proposing to offer .org registrations at such a low price? Gilmore claims former ICANN Board Member Pindar Wong said that any registry that put in a .org bid planning to charge so little would have been automatically rejected by ICANN as "not serious". (Not clear, though, if Wong said this to Gilmore, or if it's hearsay.)

There's also a discussion of the exchange over at slashdot.

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Re: An Idealistic Take on .org Policy
by PeterBarron ( on Sunday August 25 2002, @01:00PM (#8703)
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Gilmore's 25 cent number is based on his research of 4 years ago, when he was supporting the IAHC plan. It is based upon a model where a central registry owns all TLDs and has only registrars interfacing with it. This was the CORE model.

In today's market of many registries who deal with both registrars as well as customers, and who do not enjoy the kind of monopoly insulation that IAHC postulated, that price is much too low.

Gilmore needs to throw away his research as clearly obsolete and start over.

On the other hand, a price closer to $3 US is more reasonable. The $6 US price that is so common today is based on Verisign's internal model, which was bought by ICANN hook, line and sinker.

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