Company Vows to Challenge NeuStar Censorship Policy in Court
Date: Tuesday August 20 2002, @11:14AM
Topic: Lawsuits and Judicial Decisions

keith writes "Synergy Global Networks, operators of several controversial websites, announced today that they plan to challenge NeuStar, Inc's "seven dirty words" censorship policy in federal court on 1st Amendment grounds, according to a press release issued by the company earlier today."

NeuStar, the corporate entity responsible for management of the .us domain space, canceled Synergy's registration for the internet domain of '' on July 31st, 2002. The domain was registered through GoDaddy Software, Inc., a reseller of numerous top level and second level domains.

Synergy contends that NeuStar's decision to shut off the website in accordance with it's defacto censorship policy violates the companies' right to freedom of speech. The domain was used to serve up critical cartoons and information regarding The Bush Administration before it's cancellation.

"If .us is 'America's Domain' as NeuStar says it is, then it of all things should be free from censorship. America supposedly stands for freedom of speech, and it is quite disgusting that our government officially endorses censorship in this manner", said Keith Kimmel, owner of Synergy.

Synergy has also began creating a website to document i's anticipated struggle with NeuStar, Inc. and has posted several documents including correspondence from NeuStar, Inc. attorney Charles Kennedy. That website is located at


Keith W. Kimmel
Owner, Synergy Global Networks

Phone: 219.326.6662

[Editor's note: If they're going to file a lawsuit, I sure hope they caption it "U.S. Dept. of Commerce" and not "United States Commerce Commission" like they did in their press release.

That said, given the evidence of participation by the US government advanced by various posters in our earlier thread on the seven dirty words in .us domain names subject, there may be a good triable case here. -mf]

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Re: Why is this story on ICANNWatch?
by michael ( on Wednesday August 21 2002, @02:42AM (#8615)
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(1) Because the policy is (allegedly) the US government's policy for the .us ccTLD and I'm interested in the regulation of ccTLDs.

(2) Because someone sent it in and I thought other people would be interested too.

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