Noncommercial Evaluation Team Ranks Unity Bid First, IMS second
Date: Tuesday August 20 2002, @06:32AM
Topic: .org

ICANN management asked a group drawn from the Noncommercial Domain Name Holders Constituency (NCDNHC) to independently assess three aspects of applications: 1) Differentiation of the domain, 2) Responsiveness to noncommercial users in terms of its governance structure and policies, and 3) Degree of public support from noncommercial users. In the NCDNHC report, the Unity Registry bid ranked first in two of the categories (differentiation and responsiveness/governance) and second in the third (public support). The Internet Multicasting Service/Internet Software Consortium ranked first in public support.

The Internet Society ranked third in public support, third in governance, and fifth in differentiation. While ISOC ranked in the first tier of the final rankings, it was pretty far behind Unity in the overall rankings. And, depending on the evaluation method used, it was neck and neck with the IMS/ISC bid. Of course, the NCDNHC considered only some of the evaluation criteria. It did not consider technical factors or competition policy considerations. However from a competition policyt standpoint, reassigning .org to Unity would be more pro-competitive than to ISOC, because ISOC relies on Afilias, an incumbent who has already been given control of a popular gTLD, and which is owned by the dominant registrars. And from a technical standpoint, the IMS/ISC bid was very strong. I hope that public discussion and debate of the staff report will bring out the relative strengths and weaknesses of the three top contenders: Unity, ISOC and IMS/ISC.

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Re: Incensed by
by fnord ( on Tuesday August 20 2002, @07:15PM (#8611)
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It isn't all about money. That is precisely the point. The internet wasn't originally designed or built with the profit motive in mind and it worked very well. It was only when the profit motive entered into it that it became a mess. It is those who share your view who are ensuring that it will become a bigger mess. -g
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by fnord ( on Tuesday August 20 2002, @07:52PM (#8614)
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Excellent points made on your linked post to the GA list Richard. What a litany of failure both Afilias and ICANN have been. One wonders what will become of .org now. BTW, when you yourself post to the GA list you post to GA-full. That doesn't get to the regular GA list so many folks who subscribe to the regular list miss your posts (a considerable loss IMHO). If instead you post to GA proper it will go both to the GA list and also to the GA-full list, thus getting both sets of subscribers. But it doesn't work the other way around. -g
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