CDT Asks DoC to Keep ICANN on a Short Leash
Date: Monday August 19 2002, @11:41AM
Topic: USA Goverment Relations

The Center for Democracy and Technology -- as close to a middle-of-the-road electronic civil liberties group as you will find in the U.S. (it has more ties to industry than do most of the other active civil society groups) -- sent a tough letter to Nancy Victory today about ICANN. In addition to asking for changes to the MOU to reign in ICANN, the letter says that any renewal of the MOU (one of the foundations of ICANN's power) with DoC should be for no more than a year. To my eyes, the letter reflects CDT's loss of patience with ICANN -- until the most recent decision to zero-out the at-large representation, CDT was in the forefront of the pro-compromise, give-ICANN-a-chance wing of the civil society community.

I say, give them nine months. That way the next renewal will fall in neatly with the legislative calendar...

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Re: CDT Asks DoC to Keep ICANN on a Short Leash
by fnord ( on Monday August 19 2002, @05:23PM (#8576)
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Can it be that the DoC has already let it be known to ICANN that there will be changes required in the ICANN MoU, changes not to the liking of intellectual property lawyer and ICANN BoD member Jonathan Cohen and ICANN legal counsel Joe Sims? How else to explain their bizarre and glaringly unprofessional behavior during the Strawberry Incident?

Well, in the alternative, perhaps instead the DoC has let ICANN know that it will be business as usual and these two worthies no longer care how they appear in public, the vast majority of meaningful ICANN business has always occurred in private anyway, and that would only increase under ICANN's self-proposed reforms.

Still, with even the Internet Society (of which I am a member), co-founded by ICANN BoD Chair Vint Cerf recently coming out with such a strong statement regarding the unbalanced position that IP interests now have over technology, one optimistically hopes that even the US DoC can grab a clue. -g

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