Registrars Line Up To Back ICANN
Date: Thursday August 15 2002, @02:06PM
Topic: Registrars

Anonymous writes "According to this Washington Post story, a gaggle of registrars have signed onto a letter almost identical to the one sent last week by the new registries in support of ICANN."

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Re: Registrars Line Up To Back ICANN
by fnord ( on Friday August 16 2002, @02:28AM (#8529)
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I wait breathlessly to see if bondi or some of the other registrar scammers are signatories to this. Of course they like the status quo. It's a license to print money. These registrars are scammers, their overseer ICANN is a scammer, so it must logically follow that ICANN's overseer DoC is, no doubt, just a diligent USG department doing a wonderful job. -g
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Re: Registrars Line Up To Back ICANN
by fnord ( on Friday August 16 2002, @08:04AM (#8553)
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Nope, no bondillc amongst the signatories, but then they're not an ICANN accredited registrar anyway. They've ceased claiming to be, at least for the present (I have the source code and screengrabs of earlier versions, they're not available at or via Google's cache), their website is now 404, does have badly misconfigured reverse DNS. That IP number is actually Parava (, which is an ICANN accredited registrar and a signatory to this letter. As bondillc is (or was, and perhaps will be again) just a front for Parava and speculator and accused cybersquatter Marc Ostrofsky, is it any wonder such scammers find ICANN to their liking? Birds of a feather... -g

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