Nothing To Hide
Date: Sunday August 04 2002, @05:04PM
Topic: Lawsuits and Judicial Decisions

ICANN, in an effort to persuade it has nothing to hide, has published the "non-confidential" documents it furnished Karl Auerbach on Friday (and reiterated its skewed account of its near-total loss in court). If these documents were fit to publish today, why ICANN couldn't have published them a long time ago is not explained. But a quick peek at ICANN's Employment Policies and Related Materials suggests one possible reason: at the time Karl asked for them, many of the standard employee procedures one might expect didn't exist.

In other words, at least as far as this least sensitive category of document is concerned, if ICANN had anything hide from its Director, it is not mal-feasance, but non-feasance when it came to things like -- get this! -- a "confidentiality" rule for employees ("new", dated Jan 2002). Indeed, there are a lot of "boilerplate" (quite standard) rules that seem only to have been adopted in 2002 (they are marked as "new") although surely any competent law firm could have produced a package of standard and relevant employment forms by copying from the file.

My eye was caught by the new anti-"moonlighting" policy. It is dated 1 August 2002. Three days ago. Maybe someone has been reading the mailing list on which questions were raised a few days ago about the outside activities of one of ICANN's staff members?

Then, there's the amusing prohibition on "Engaging in malicious gossip or spreading rumors." (New, Aug 2002) ... oh, if only that's enforced.

Direct links to the documents:

  • ICANN Employment Policies and Related Materials
  • ICANN Chart of Accounts
  • DNSO Financial Ledgers for 2000-2001
  • Travel Logs
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    Re: Nothing To Hide
    by fnord ( on Sunday August 04 2002, @09:12PM (#8372)
    User #2810 Info
    Will wonders never cease. Perhaps next they'll post the Minutes of their meetings going back over a year and a half as is required by their Bylaws. What's that you say? According to the Bylaws they have to post the minutes within 24 hours of them being ratified, therefore they can't have been ratified yet, and therefore not posted? OK, nevermind. I look forward to Shanghai when they ratify a six foot stack of documents purporting to be an accurate record of events that occurred at meetings some of them never attended. I prefer to be optimistic. Such non-documentation will no doubt speed up Karl's search of the thin gruel available. -g
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    Re: Nothing To Hide
    by joannalane on Sunday August 04 2002, @11:14PM (#8374)
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    One would imagine that talking to the general public fell into the category of work needing to be accomplished by Employees of a Public Interest Organization.... just wondering how upgrades to business class can be justified for all those flights of less than 5 4.
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    Re: Nothing To Hide
    by michael ( on Monday August 05 2002, @11:06AM (#8388)
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    Touton and Sims used to be partners in the same firm. Touton left the firm to go work for ICANN. I rather doubt he has a law firm of his own. -Michael
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