.nz Shows Its (Lack of) Confidence in ICANN's Reform Plan
Date: Tuesday June 18 2002, @03:40PM
Topic: Country-Code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs)

It seems that the IAB isn't the only group having doubts about the direction ICANN's "reform" is taking. The ccTLDs are not happy either. Here's how InternetNZ, which runs .nz, responded to ICANN's latest request for funding. No, not happy at all.

June 19 2002

Dr Stuart Lynn
4676 Admiralty Way, Suite 330
Marina del Rey, CA 90292
via email

Dear Stuart

The Council of InternetNZ considered your latest request for funding and have asked me to communicate through you to the ICANN Board their unanimous statements and resolutions, as follows:

a. That InternetNZ is and has been a supporter of an ICANN based on the White Paper principles of an industry led, self regulating, bottom up and government-free organisation to take over administration and management of the root from the US government;

b. that support has included participating in the formative stages of ICANN, including making financial donations to the corporation, and funding participation by members of InternetNZ;

c. that, given our view that the solutions proposed by the ICANN CEO, Dr Lynn, for the problems currently facing ICANN are inappropriate;

d. and our further concern that some of those solutions appear to have begun to be implemented without sufficient input from the Internet community in a manner which may foreclose meaningful debate;

e. and given our continuing concern over the inadequate performance of the IANA function;

f. that the sum of US $5,000 would be paid by InternetNZ

(i) by way of donation

(ii) to be held in trust by the InternetNZ Solicitors (Attorney), or any other subsequently approved ccTLD escrow agent

(iii) pending InternetNZ's satisfaction that re-structuring of ICANN had resulted, or was reasonably likely to result in an ICANN having:

1. A technical mandate as its mission statement, formally agreed to by each SO including the ccSO, the GAC, and the DoC;

2. A structure and operating plan substantially in accordance with the White Paper principles;

3. A ccSO for the development of global policies affecting the ccTLDs;

4. A reconsideration policy substantially as developed;

5. Effective liaison between the ccSO and the staff;

6. An At Large Support Organisation, with on-line voting to establish at least an At Large Council.

In line with Section f) (iii) of this resolution I have arranged the deposit of $US5,000.00 with the Society's Solicitor, Ross Johnston of KPMG Legal.

Upon receipt of confirmation that ICANN has met the requirements of Section f) (iii) I will arrange for the money to be paid to ICANN. If ICANN are not able to provide such assurances and fulfill such obligations to InternetNZ by 31 December 2004, KPMG will be asked to reimburse the money to InternetNZ


Sue Leader
Executive Director

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Re: .nz Shows Its (Lack of) Confidence in ICANN's
by unsolicited (unsolicited@audomainnews.info) on Wednesday June 19 2002, @01:48AM (#7262)
User #3378 Info | www.audomainnews.info
you go kiwis!!
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by isquat on Wednesday June 19 2002, @05:29AM (#7267)
User #3363 Info | http://i.squ.at/
Is it still possible to emigrate to NZ?

I love it!
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Re: .nz Shows Its (Lack of) Confidence in ICANN's
by unsolicited (unsolicited@audomainnews.info) on Monday July 22 2002, @06:18AM (#8002)
User #3378 Info | www.audomainnews.info
hear hear...from the other side of the Tasman
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