IAB to ICANN: We're outta here.
Date: Friday June 14 2002, @06:22PM
Topic: ICANN Staff and Structure

The Internet Architecture Board (IAB), which manages the internet standards process for the IETF, has issued a comment on ICANN restructuring. Its gist is that IAB wants as much distance as possible between itself and the ICANN mess. It wants no formal role in ICANN. There should be no Protocol Supporting Organization, no standing technical committee, nada. It does not want to select a Board member or members. It is willing for ICANN to get IETF liasons, and it is willing that there be mechanisms so that ICANN can get technical advice on specific issues "on an ad hoc basis" from technically focussed organizations and individuals. IAB, in short, may be resigned to ICANN's existence, but wants no dealings with it; the statement does everything but hold up crosses and garlic to ward ICANN off.

Indeed, it gets worse: IAB is "deeply concerned" that IETF's protocol parameter coordination role is currently caught up in the ICANN mess, and continues: "This situation is not acceptable to the IAB. The IAB is evaluating the best path forward to maintain the IETF's protocol parameter coordination."

Read the comment here.

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Re: IAB to ICANN: We're outta here.
by PeterBarron (pebarron@hotmail.com) on Friday June 14 2002, @07:27PM (#7188)
User #3240 Info | http://www.icannwatch.org/
With ICANN being progressively shunned at every turn, is there an argument that the regulation that they continue to do is nothing more than illegal restraint of trade? I can't imagine anything like this happening over here.

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Re: IAB to ICANN: We're outta here.
by fnord (groy2kNO@SPAMyahoo.com) on Friday June 14 2002, @08:48PM (#7191)
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Yours sincerely, Verisign. -g
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Re: IAB to ICANN: We're outta here.
by RFassett on Saturday June 15 2002, @05:12AM (#7196)
User #3226 Info | http://www.enum.info
Maybe the IAB/IETF can feel at liberty now to say that there has been TLD expansion to the legacy root and it has remained technically stable. It still amazes me that 6 new TLD's have launched resulting in millions of new zone files and not a single body of authority has made this statement for the record. How hard is this?

They had no problem stating that such expansion needed to be performed in a "limited and controlled environment" for reasons of technical stability while other technical experts disagreed. What we got was the first round arbitrary selection mess as a direct result of and the community is still paying for it. Well, what you say now? Has the Internet remained technically stable or has it not? Can someone of expert authority please answer this question?

Exactly how does one get the IAB/IETF to answer this question? I would really like to know how this is done.
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