Fireworks Start A Day Before ICANN Hearing
Date: Tuesday June 11 2002, @04:47AM
Topic: USA Goverment Relations

Fireworks over tomorrow's Senate Commerce Committee hearing on ICANN are already starting. Senator Conrad Burns, ranking minority member, and one the most clued-up people on the ICANN issue in either house of the US legislature, has issued a statement saying that ICANN needs adult supervision. The General Accounting Office, Congress's bean-counter, apparently has a mildly scathing report to make about ICANN's failures and the Department of Commerce's lax supervision. The scoop on all this belongs to Andy Sullivan of Reuters, which you can read thanks to yahoo.

Update: Full text of Sen. Burns's statement.

There will apparently be a Real Audio Stream starting at 14:30 east coast time Wednesday, with a link appearing on the Commerce Committee's home page. I am told that the witnesses' prepared testimony will also be linked to from this page, but not before tomorrow.

UPDATE (5pm 6/11/01): Full text of Sen. Burns's statement:

June 11, 2002
Senator calls for overhaul of entity

WASHINGTON – U.S. Sen. Conrad Burns (R-Mont.), ranking member of the Senate Communications Subcommittee, today expressed deep concerns about ICANN after reviewing written GAO testimony.

Sen. Burns commissioned a GAO report on ICANN late last year.

“I am seriously concerned by the report, which paints a portrait ICANN as a regulatory body with no accountability and well behind in its attempt to improve security,” Sen. Burns said.

“ICANN has clearly exceeded its authority and mutated into a supranational regulatory body lacking oversight. There is a clear absence of due process and transparency within the organization, especially with respect to its board structure. The U.S. needs to ensure ICANN operates with the same sort of internal processes as in any other federal agency.”

“Given the scope of the report – in terms of ICANN’s operational failure and questions concerning its legitimacy – I am considering drafting legislation that would condition the renewal of ICANN’s authority upon a significant restructuring of the organization.”

“Clearly, this legislation needs to be happen as soon as possible and should be crafted with an eye to giving the U.S. a greater oversight role over ICANN.”

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Re: Fireworks Start A Day Before ICANN Hearing
by 300baud (service at evesnetwork dot com) on Tuesday June 11 2002, @07:31AM (#7086)
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Quoting Yahoo Story:
"Burns said the change was necessary because ICANN has exceeded its authority, does not operate in an open fashion, and is dangerously unaccountable to Internet users, businesses and other key interest groups."

Bravo! I couldn't agree more.

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Re: US Domination
by ANNODOMINI2000 (reversethis-{KU.OC.OOHAY} {ta} {D0002DA}) on Tuesday June 11 2002, @06:38AM (#7080)
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Who the **** do the USA think they are?

ICANN is supposed to be an INTERNATIONAL non-profit organisation, so let's see a proportional share of its running to go other countries, especially Europe and the UK in particular, as we have one of the fastest growing internet businesses and communities in the World.

America is power-hungry and legalistic.

I think oversight of ICANN should be given to organisations such as a specially-created sub-scetion of the DTI (Department of Trade and Industry) here in England. This would be a far more 'central' location to internet users and businesses worldwide.
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Re: Fireworks Start A Day Before ICANN Hearing
by ANNODOMINI2000 (reversethis-{KU.OC.OOHAY} {ta} {D0002DA}) on Tuesday June 11 2002, @11:23AM (#7091)
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The only circus act around here is you.

The US are about to lose control of ICANN and a lot more besides...
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Re: Fireworks Start A Day Before ICANN Hearing
by ANNODOMINI2000 (reversethis-{KU.OC.OOHAY} {ta} {D0002DA}) on Tuesday June 11 2002, @11:24AM (#7092)
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We've already got the United Nations - how about a United Internet?
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