ICANN's Board Latest Secret Phone Meeting
Date: Wednesday May 15 2002, @02:43AM
Topic: Board of Directors

The ICANN Board held another secret phone meeting May 13. As usual, the public was not allowed to listen in. And, unlike the DNSO Names Council, as usual no recording was taken, and no .mp3's are available for the public to hear after the fact. It's important to remember that this is how ICANN understands its by-laws obligation to be as transparent as possible when considering what faith if any to put in the fresh rounds of promises we are going to get in the ICANN 'Reform' Plan. (Are .mp3's beyond ICANN's capabilities? It's a thought.)

Instead we have minimal corporate minutes and the welcome comments of elected at-Large Director Karl Auerbach in his decision diary.

What is perhaps most disturbing aboout Auerbach's comments is that the staff gives the Board so little advance notice about the substance of the matters being discussed. And that the Board put up with it.

It's hard to see how a regular practice of getting key documents from 0.5 to 1.5 days before a meeting can lead to decent decisions, not to mention any pretense of consultation. I suppose if you aren't accountable to anyone, it reduces the incentive to take your job seriously.

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Re: ICANN's Board Latest Secret Phone Meeting
by fnord (groy2kNO@SPAMyahoo.com) on Wednesday May 15 2002, @07:29AM (#6373)
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The announcement states:

The MP3 recording of the Names Council teleconference is now available at:
The Names Council is not the BoD. The BoD does not make .mp3 recordings of their private meetings available. -g
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Re: ICANN's Board Latest Secret Phone Meeting
by fnord (groy2kNO@SPAMyahoo.com) on Wednesday May 15 2002, @07:36AM (#6374)
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The Afilias fleecing is only one aspect of a much larger problem. Karl is working on the larger problem. -g
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