UK Govt. Issues Consultation Document on ICANN
Date: Tuesday May 14 2002, @05:08AM
Topic: ICANN Staff and Structure

The UK Goverment's Department of Trade and Industry has issued an extensive consultation document asking for public input to help shape its response to the Lynn Plan. Despite the rah-rah press release, other than restating general support for the idea of devolving control of the DNS to the private sector, the actual document gives no hint of the UK's ultimate position. Among the questions asked are thick or thin ICANN, how much funding, from where, what role for consumers, and who should sit on the Board -- in short, all the right stuff. Answers are due by June 14, on the perhaps mistaken theory that there will still be anything left to decide by then.

Here's the text of the press release the government sent out:

Douglas Alexander, E-commerce Minister, today issued a UK wide consultation on the management of internet addresses ICANN, the US based organization that co-ordinates the Internet's Domain Name System, announced in February 2002 a review of its mission, funding and relationship with Governments. The UK Government, along with many other Governments, is working with ICANN on this programme of reform.

The consultation seeks the views of the UK internet community - businesses, internet companies and domain name users - on how ICANN should be reformed and how Governments can best support the important work of ICANN.

The consultation seeks the views of the Internet community on ICANN's missions, funding and structure Douglas Alexander, Minister for e-commerce and competitiveness, said: "The Domain Name system is a key part of the internet's infrastructure. ICANN performs a very important role, co-ordinating key functions of the domain name system and has achieved a number of successes since it was created in 1998. But like any innovative and new organisation, it is right that it undertakes a reform programme.

UK, along with other Governments and key stakeholders, is keen to help ICANN in this process." " I hope through this consultation to raise awareness of ICANN in the UK and to solicit the views of the wide UK internet community on how ICANN can best be strengthened." ICANN's President has called for ICANN to become an effective and global public private partnership with ICANN rooted in the private sector but with the support of Governments. While the UK Government is still considering how best ICANN can be reformed, our general policy of taking a co-regulatory approach to internet issues means we support this approach.

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Don't Knock It
by lextext on Tuesday May 14 2002, @07:13AM (#6323)
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This is a good idea. Australia has done this already, now the UK. Where's my own government in all this? Is it listening? Does it care? Will it even ask our opinion or just send the GAC representative to voice his/her own opinion?

-- Bret
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Re: UK Govt. Issues Consultation Document on ICANN
by ANNODOMINI2000 (reversethis-{KU.OC.OOHAY} {ta} {D0002DA}) on Friday June 14 2002, @05:48AM (#7172)
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(i) I was actually the poster of this article

(ii) I am an UK citizen

(iii) My late father worked for the DTI at their London, Victoria headquarters here in England

(iv) I have been corresponding with the oversight committe liaison officer

The DTI will not be limp or weak in their comments and suggestions.

If they are ignored, there will be big consequences for both ICANN and the US Government.

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Re: UK Govt. ICANN Consultation Document Deadline
by ANNODOMINI2000 (reversethis-{KU.OC.OOHAY} {ta} {D0002DA}) on Tuesday June 18 2002, @12:01AM (#7238)
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It will still be worthwhile to send comments about ICANN and UDRP bias and unfairness as there may well be a second consultation or the UK Government will be asked/will insist they play a prominent role any new Internet's Administration.
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A note on logging in...
by michael ( on Tuesday May 14 2002, @08:03AM (#6326)
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If you login (click here), and let the system set its cookie (sorry about that), your signed comments will no longer say "from anonymous" and they will be automatically scored at +1 instead of zero.
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Re: UK Govt. Issues Consultation Document on ICANN
by KarlAuerbach on Tuesday May 14 2002, @11:25AM (#6331)
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The original BWG materials are still available via

When we wrote the original BWG materials we tried to limit the changes we were proposing to the secretly constructed Sims ICANN proposal. What we proposed then was much less of a radical change to the "official" proposal of that date than the Lynn plan is a change to the ICANN of today. And we tried to include rational business practices, limited organizational scope, and public participation, all things that the Lynn play is trying to reject.

The IFWP materials are still online via

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Re: UK Govt. Issues Consultation Document on ICANN
by ANNODOMINI2000 (reversethis-{KU.OC.OOHAY} {ta} {D0002DA}) on Wednesday June 19 2002, @12:27PM (#7285)
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Jurisdiction? UNIVERSAL? Global? International? Never heard of the term, "Service Out of Jurisdiction" huh?
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