Embarrassing ICANN Document Suddenly Vanishes From Web Site
Date: Saturday May 11 2002, @05:43PM
Topic: ICANN Staff and Structure

In what is undoubtedly a coincidence, and will be explained as a technical glitch, and could not possibly be related to our publication earlier today of an annotated version of Danny Younger's item on "ICANN's lies" which links to it, former "Interim" ICANN Board Chair Esther Dyson's testimony to Congress in July, 1999 can no longer be found on the ICANN Web site. It used to be here, but now all of a sudden it's gone. Ms. Dyson's testimony thus joins all writings by ICANN Board Member Karl Auerbach (including his testimony to Congress) in the ICANN Memory Hole.

Fortunately we have the Wayback Machine, so you can read the Archive.org version. Updated (5/12)

ICANN from time to time moves documents around on its site, obsoleting links in published academic work and on other websites, coincidentally making it that much harder to keep track of what it's up to. This disappearance seems particularly sudden, however, as a broken link to the document still appears (today at least) as the first item on the ICANN Search page if you search for "dyson testimony 22 july".

It's hard to believe ICANN would be so silly as to try such ham-handed editing of the record, but these are hard times -- consensus is due to be announced by the Reform Committee in week's time for a new, more powerful, far less accountable ICANN. Discordant notes are perhaps particularly unwelcome.

In fact, I expect the document back online soon, probably with an explanation that it was just unintentional, a technical problem. But, consider what the inability to run a simple website properly instructs about ICANN's demands for more direct power over the root and the root servers.

In fact, it's hard to say which explanation is worse: cover-up or incompetence. No, wait, thanks to the Wayback Machine, they're the same thing.

Updated (5/12): Guess what, ICANN now has an online copy of the Dyson testimony here, a totally different directory. You might think that when ICANN moves things it would do what almost everyone else does and either have a static page giving the new URL or (better yet) use a standard automatic redirection links? But no, losing those "404 not founds" would take all the sport out of ICANNWatching....

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Re: Embarrassing ICANN Document Suddenly Vanishes
by fnord (groy2kNO@SPAMyahoo.com) on Saturday May 11 2002, @09:07PM (#6250)
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"particularly sudden" ??
by lextext on Sunday May 12 2002, @07:53PM (#6270)
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I couldn't find the referenced URL in the Google cache when I looked yesterday. If ICANN had moved the link in response to the IW piece, it almost surely would have still been in the cache. -- Bret
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Re: Embarrassing ICANN Document Suddenly Vanishes
by michael (froomkin@lawUNSPAM.tm) on Sunday May 12 2002, @11:06AM (#6261)
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In case you are wondering why this page looks so odd, it's because posting long URLs as text, rather than HTML with a short phrase acting as the clickable link, causes our PHP-NUKE system to act up.

We are actively exploring moving to different software, probably Slashdot, but want to do so in a way that best preserves our archives.

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