NeuLevel site hacked
Date: Wednesday May 08 2002, @02:24PM
Topic: New gTLDs

fnord writes "Bill Bezzant points out on the ICANN new TLD evaluation forum that's home page appears to have been hacked. I've just checked and is still just displaying the plain text message:

Prowl requests your assistance against the Decepticons!
[Editor's note: I just checked, and it's back to normal....-mf]"

Meanwhile, seems to be functioning properly and remains missing in action. Prowl and the Decepticons are characters from the Transformers. This seems entirely fitting as ICANN's rollout of new TLDs continues its transformation into an unmitigated disaster. -g

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Re: Try about 24 hours
by fnord ( on Thursday May 09 2002, @08:08AM (#6217)
User #2810 Info
Try and you get:
Not Found

The requested URL /index.htm was not found on this server.

Apache/1.3.23 Server at Port 80

Basic web server security 101. If an HTTP request cannot find an index.html file (if, perhaps, it has become corrupted), it will look for an index.htm file. If it can't find that either it may serve up the contents of your root directory. Your root directory may well contain information you didn't want to be public. Depending on your configuration there are various hacks that would allow this information to not just be viewed, but also deleted or modified. NeuLevel's clue level leaves much to be desired. -g
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