Reform Committee Posts 2nd Paper, List of Questions
Date: Wednesday May 08 2002, @04:05AM
Topic: ICANN Staff and Structure

The ICANN Evolution and Reform Committee posted a "Working Paper on the Policy-Development Process". It's actually more of a structured questionnaire. And, stylistically and structurally, it's a pretty useful way to dialog with the public. Unfortunately, most of the questions (but, interestingly, not the initial ones) are designed on two very dubious premises: (1) that ICANN should make 'policy' at all beyond the utter minimum that is the fallout of purely technical decisions; and (2) that analysis ICANN's policy making processes can be divorced from consideration of the legitimacy of those processes.

That said, it's a more sober and thoughtful paper than one often sees coming out of ICANN's committees. Could it be that I was too hasty in predicting that Lynn's Bourbon-like RIPE talk presages the committee's output?

I'd love to think so, but with ICANN so far no one has ever been wrong in assuming the worst will come out of closed deliberative processes...and then doubling it.

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