Lynn's RIPE Talk Shows ICANN's Not Listening (and Tone Deaf Too?)
Date: Monday May 06 2002, @06:07PM
Topic: ICANN Staff and Structure

For a foretaste of what the ICANN restructuring committee is going to come up with, you need look no farther than Stuart Lynn's RIPE 42 presentation (powerpoint .ppt). A thin ICANN? No chance - the "Thin ICANN" slide doesn't even have words on it. No, this will be a strong, bigger, richer ICANN, with only the "best team" making decisions (bye-bye "bottom-up") and running it, of course in the "open and transparent" fashion they have already made so famous.

Or, you could just read NTK's wicked summary of the talk and the reaction to it:

To Amsterdam, and RIPE 42, where ICANN's Stuart Lynn is explaining, in Powerpoint slides of one syllable, why ICANN has failed, and why he should therefore (as CEO of said failed organisation) have more power. At one point, in one of those room misreadings that can change history, he jokingly offered to let recent ICANN critic and kernel hacker Randy Bush handle all the ICANN heavy responsibilities for free, if he felt he was up to it. Several rounds of unexpected applause later, and you could see people seriously considering: "Sure, Randy's a bit of a ranter: but he's cheap, and, hell, anything's better than this. So, Randy - what about it? A triumvirate of you, Karl Auerbach and Michael Froomkin? And after that, the fight to become Caesar!"
A painful image, but pretty funny.

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