Commerce Dept. Replies to House Members' ICANN Salvo
Date: Monday April 29 2002, @09:31AM
Topic: USA Goverment Relations

U.S. Secretary of Commerce Donald Evans has written a bland response to a stiff letter from ranking House Commerce Committee members reciting their concerns about ICANN (see "Leading House Members Weigh In -- And They're Not Happy").

The letter assures Congress that Commerce is paying very close attention to ICANN, and that it sees the Lynn plan as an opening bid, not a final answer. But it carefully commits Commerce to nothing other than supporting the general idea of "reform" and of course "the stable and secure management of the global Internet domain system".

In other words, for now it's wait-and-see over at Commerce.

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Re: Commerce Dept. Replies to House Members' ICANN
by hofjes on Monday April 29 2002, @10:38AM (#6083)
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Who do you think drafted the letter?

Karen Rose?

A lobbyist for ICANN (perhaps Becky Burr)?
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Re: Commerce Dept. Replies to House Members' ICANN
by hofjes on Tuesday April 30 2002, @04:46AM (#6099)
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I generally refrain from opining as to matters for which I have no support, but I feel compelled to pose a question here.

Is the DoC in ICANN's back pocket?

ICANN's arrogance and disregard of public opinion and congressional questions leads me to believe that it has assurances from the DoC of its survival. ICANN does not act in accordance with the wishes of the global Internet community, nor does it follow the recommendations of its own supporting organizations. ICANN simply acts by the wishes of its management, apparently without fear of losing its government contract.

Do you think Don Evans's staff has ties to Joe Sims or Louis Touton?
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