ICANN notes from the April 16, 2002 NGO E-Commerce Roundtable
Date: Wednesday April 17 2002, @01:31PM
Topic: USA Goverment Relations

jamielove writes "On April 16 the Washington, DC based NGO E-Commerce roundtable met. The agenda covered four items. These are my notes from the ICANN discussion."

Some NGOs encouraged DOC to consider a re-bid on its ICANN contracts, to allow for competition. There is an issue of whether or not there are consequences when non-profits fail to deliver as promised. On the "reform" front, several NGOs pushed for a decentralization of the DNSO functions, perhaps through regional DNSO bodies, similar to what one sees in the numbering area. Some believe that 90 percent of ICANN's problems relate to the DNSO, and that few of the DNSO policies need to be made at a global level.

The DOC asked that most of its comments be off the record, but I can report that the DOC was surprisingly concerned that consumer and civil society concerns be addressed fairly by ICANN. The Lynn proposal to have governments nominate board members for the ICANN board apparently has zero support within the GAC, raising again the issue of who chooses the ICANN board members. One person at the meeting reported that one ICANN board member told him that he would never agree to a procedure that would elect people like Karl Auerbach and Andy Mueller-Maguhn.

There was some talk of the ITU proposal, and my guess is that there will be more talk of this, unless some other intergovernmental organization comes up with something else. The DOC seemed to be saying "It's broke, let's fix it," but the issue of "its broke, let's try something else" is not out of the question, if the ICANN board cannot come up with something had addresses some basic issues of accountability and responsiveness to consumer and civil society interests.

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