Independent Review Board -- R.I.P.?
Date: Monday April 15 2002, @01:26AM
Topic: ICANN Staff and Structure

Ethan Katsh of the University of Massachusetts, a member of ICANN's Advisory Committee on Independent Review writes: " Among the actions taken by the ICANN Board at its recent meeting in Accra was a resolution disbanding the independent review nominating committee. By doing so, ICANN brought the implementation of an independent review process to a halt. This was disturbing to me since I had served on the original committee that had drafted the independent review policy. It was even more disturbing because the Board relied on a set of facts that were just made up. Finally, it was disturbing since independent review is a very clear obligation in the ICANN-Commerce Department MOU and the history of the past three years confirms the need for such a process. I realize that the chances of success are quite low, but I have nonetheless filed a request for reconsideration under the ICANN reconsideration policy. I don't know how long it takes ICANN to get around to posting such requests but if you are interested in any of this, please feel free to send them this petition (or let them know that it can be accessed there).

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Re: Independent Review Board -- R.I.P.?
by michael ( on Monday April 15 2002, @06:54AM (#5850)
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What we know, you can learn here.

I personally mailed each of the three non-participants to ask them what happened but received no reply. Anyone who knows one of these three personally (I don't) might want to ask one of them: Tim Berners-Lee, Oliver Iteanu, and Joon Kook Park. Please post any info you glean to ICANNWatch.

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