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Date: Saturday April 13 2002, @04:41AM
Topic: ICANN Staff and Structure

James Love posted a portion of what appears to be the ITU's roadmap for relations with ICANN. Headed, "Internal ITU Draft for Discussion. Do not copy, circulate, or distribute further." (who could resist?), it is signed by Richard Hill and dated March 8, 2002. The document makes clear that the ITU would like to "assist ICANN" by taking over some functions that the ITU argues (surprisingly plausibly) it could do better than ICANN.

One problem, though: access to ITU deliberations is restricted. The public is not invited to the table. Governments have the final say; large corporations can buy into the deliberations. The rest of us must depend on what ever we are given; rights we have not.

The ITU has long been ICANN's favorite bogeyman. It's a tribute to Richard Hill's drafting skills -- or to the mess ICANN has made -- that the bogeyman looks a lot less bad by the time you read this memo.

Surely, though, it hasn't come to this....has it?

And then, of course, there's the wrangle about the ITU and ENUM...

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