Salon interview with Karl
Date: Tuesday March 19 2002, @04:27AM
Topic: Lawsuits and Judicial Decisions

Anonymous writes "Damien Cave from has an interview with Karl Auerbach. It is a good read and really gets to the bottom of the whole lawsuit."

It's plain to see that Karl is determined to expose ICANN for what it is.

[MF: sample exchange-

Cave: Is there anything in the [Lynn] plan that's useful?
Auerbach: I think it would make great kindling for a fire. There's nothing in it that's useful.]

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ICANN's Lynn, Cerf, and Davidson respond
by fnord ( on Tuesday March 19 2002, @08:25AM (#5397)
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ICANN has posted an announcement regarding the suit. Save it for court guys, your credibility is approaching zero. -g
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Re: Salon interview with Karl
by fnord ( on Tuesday March 19 2002, @06:16PM (#5416)
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True so far as it goes t, but perhaps he was having a bad day, or perhaps back then he was one of those commentators who still felt the need to cut ICANN some slack, but have since wised up. I am thinking in particular of the Register UK (now with a US edition), which was content to accept the ICANN party line back then, but is now one of its more biting critics.

Cave has also been more critical of ICANN since that time, perhaps his earlier interview with Karl just over a fortnight after publication of his New Republic Online article fed him a clue. -g

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