Very Remote Participation
Date: Wednesday March 13 2002, @03:56AM
Topic: ICANN Meetings

Unless you are following along live, it's very hard to get information about what's doing in Accra...and even then, it's not so easy. I'm told the live feed has been cutting in and out, making remote participation in the open forum pretty limited. Currently, however, the live feed of the meeting is showing a very, very impressive live transcript on a big screen in the meeting room that appears as well as one can tell to be professional quality court-reporter-style transcription. But if there's a URL where we can see that data live online when the Real Audio feed cuts out, or catch up on what happened while we slept, I don't know where it is.

The main development so far today is that Stuart Lynn discussed a preliminary budget that has substantial support -- some $170,000 -- for the DNSO's activities. Again, if there's an online version of the budget, I don't know where it is; certainly there's no sign of it at the webcast and remote participation page or the Meeting Schedule and Agenda page. Potentially bigger news, however, is the rumor (one hopes it is false) flying around that the staff has drafted a Board resolution that does not call for going forward with the next round of at-large elections. Perhaps an ICANN staff member reading this could deny the rumor? It seems generally agreed that if the Board does not start the ball rolling for elections at this meeting, there will not be time to organize replacements before the current elected directors' terms expire. Not to decide is thus to decide.

Inside: some more gleanings from the online press, plus where to find the unofficial IRC chat forum.

Rather meager press clippings:

  • David McGuire, Newsbytes, Japanese Groups Blast ICANN Restructuring Proposal ("A handful of Japanese public interest groups have blasted a proposal to restructure the Internet addressing system's oversight body, arguing the plan would weaken public involvement.")
  • Scarlet Pruitt, IDG News Service, CDT: Little support for ICANN overhaul proposal ("Davidson said that the Ghana meeting has become so mired in debating Lynn's proposal that he fears that the group will fail to decide upon the upcoming at-large election, resulting in the nine at-large seats going unfilled when their term ends later this year.")
  • David McGuire, Newsbytes, ICANN Chief's Proposal Prompts Debate In Ghana ("Davidson, who opposes the Lynn plan, said he could find no meeting participants who supported the proposal. He did say, however, that some ICANN board members had expressed their tentative support of Lynn's recommendations.")
An interesting but unofficial chat forum, complete with some scribing of the meetings is being run on Point your irc chat client to and join channel #ICANN.

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Re: Very Remote Participation
by michael ( on Wednesday March 13 2002, @04:32AM (#5254)
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FWIW, I've been following the live feed for an hour and a half now, and it's only cut out on me a few times, for brief intervals. Sound/pix quality seems pretty good right now.
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Re: Very Remote Participation
by fnord ( on Wednesday March 13 2002, @05:56AM (#5255)
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GA Chair Thomas Roessler has set up a cool web interface logging the unofficial IRC chat channel here. -g
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Re: Very Remote Participation
by fnord ( on Wednesday March 13 2002, @06:23AM (#5256)
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The University of Oregon Videolab page now carries the statement:
Archived copies of the recordes [sic] sessions will be added as soon as is feasible.
Better late than never. -g
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by fnord ( on Wednesday March 13 2002, @06:41PM (#5264)
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The University of Oregon VideoLab page now carries the rather cryptic: Retransmission starts at 1800 (that would be Accra time, approximately the time the meeting was ending) for the Wednesday, March 13 ICANN Public Forum. I didn't notice that until the time had nearly passed for such a retransmission. When I tried the link I got no feed, but that could be due to the retransmission including the same losses of feed that occurred with the original.

Nevertheless, it might be worth checking to see if the Thursday, March 14 ICANN Board Meeting will be also be retransmitted, particularily if you miss the original, which is on at Oh dark Thirty here on the left coast of America. To save a click or two, the link to the RealAudio feed is here. -g

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  • Re: Replay? by BenEdelman Wednesday March 13 2002, @07:47PM
    • Re: Replay? by BenEdelman Wednesday March 13 2002, @07:51PM
What is wrong with the sound?
by BenEdelman on Wednesday March 13 2002, @10:07PM (#5268)
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I'm watching (trying to watch!) the webcast now, in the middle of the US night. Putting aside the periodic disconnects, all I hear is static / rumbling (pretty loud at that). Anyone else? (In contrast, video is coming through well enough.)

Interestingly, I can see Vint taking off his headphones and fumbling with them -- as if to say "Something is not right with these"!

-Ben, 4:07AM Eastern time
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