Early Notes From (and About) Accra Meeting
Date: Tuesday March 12 2002, @04:04AM
Topic: ICANN Meetings

Anyone spotted a draft board resolution on any topic yet? You can be sure the staff drafted them well before leaving home. But do they let the public see them enough in advance to actually think about them? Do even Board members get to see them before the last second? Apparently not.

Andy Mueller-Maguhn has posted his hurried and informal notes of a Government Advisory Committee (GAC) meeting discussing the Lynn plan. As the big winners under the plan, you'd expect governments to be all in favor, but in fact reaction was mixed, some quite cautious. And no one seemed very excited about being asked to cough up funds. (ICANN Director Robert Blokzijl's comments to Lynn are also kinda fascinating.)

The DNSO's task force on structure is planning to submit a draft resolution (word .doc format) regarding the Lynn plann to the Names Council. Key quotes: "The DNSO remains committed to the original vision of a consensus, based on bottom up policy development process and to private sector leadership" and "the Structure Task Force has begun a process to respond to the President's Reform Proposal, including development and consideration of alternative solutions, and will present preliminary findings in mid April to the Names Council at a scheduled NC call. A draft report will be completed by May."

Chun Eung Hwi, newly elected Names Council representative of the Non-commercial domain name holders constituency (NCDNHC), posted a summary of the morning session of the ICANN General Assembly meeting to the GA List. Those of us not able to attend are particularly grateful for such summaries since ICANN is not providing scribing for the meetings.

Inside: Tempers flare as the Vice-Chair of the ICANN Board attacks a newly-elected member of the Names Council. Plus, where's the press? And, a link to an ICANN cartoon.

Tempers flare This one is a little complicated. Harold Feld, a newly elected member of the Names Council, proposed an Emergency Resolution objecting to the Lynn Plan (later amended). After the NCDNHC meeting that The indefatigable Chun Eung Hwi posted a preliminary note describing the passage of the emergency resolution, as further amendmended. But it seems that Alejandro Pisanty, Vice-Chair of the ICANN Board, who also attended the meeting, was less than pleased. He fired off a public e-mail saying "I object to this one-sided version as it comes from a Names Council and AdCom member. We know your opinion now. We don't trust you, though, as a representative." Exactly who "we" was supposed to be is unclear. The victim of this attack from on high was very gracious about it, apologizing for leaving out Dr. Pisanty's remarks from his unofficial summary, but explaining he did so because "your accounts on the general background information, analyses and key elements for Lynn's plan seemed to be almost the same copy as Lynn's proposal."

Where's the press? The need to get shots and visas well before the meeting could limit press coverage. Before the Lynn plan flap, many Western news organizations had decided to skip the Accra meeting on the grounds of expense, inconvenience, and the observation that the last few ICANN meetings were low-news. Now that there's the sort of controversy media love, it's too late to go. Reuters, for example, which has one the best track records of covering DNS issues, is being represented by a local stringer.

More links. Meanwhile, here are some links to new ICANN-related items:

  • a User Friendly cartoon
  • Lee Dembart, International Herald Tribune, The End User: Domain Power
  • David McGuire, Newsbytes, Net addressing authorities face governance decisions
  • Kwaku Sakyi-Addo and Andy Sullivan, Reuters, Global Internet body set for showdown in Ghana (link may be transient, sorry). [Here's another link at news.com]

    ICANN's somewhat erratic Real Audio stream of meetings is available from this link via the University of Oregon, but in real time only. No indication so far as to whether this is being archived. The overall meeting schedule is here. Berkman, we miss you....

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    Re: Early Notes From (and About) Accra Meeting
    by PeterBarron (pebarron@hotmail.com) on Tuesday March 12 2002, @08:32AM (#5245)
    User #3240 Info | http://www.icannwatch.org/
    Perhaps if you would take your head out of the sand, you'd see that what Michael is talking about is the track record ICANN has had since its inception.

    Resolutions are regularly brought out at the last minute, and without many board members having seen them. This isn't speculation on his part, it's historical fact.
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    Re: Early Notes From (and About) Accra Meeting
    by fnord (groy2kNO@SPAMyahoo.com) on Tuesday March 12 2002, @04:58PM (#5248)
    User #2810 Info
    Anon writes:
    Of course, the historical criticism of resolution drafting at ICANN meetings is that they don't get done until the last minute; maybe this has been just a very impressive three year charade perpetrated by the staff.
    Ya, what he said. You've just answered your own question. Or look to the right sidebar ===> for the most read story on ICANN meetings: Snookered Again, for a bit of history. Are you ICANN staff, who are, according to M. Stuart Lynn, overworked (though not underpaid)? I'm afraid you'll have to write much better criticism to get a bonus. -g
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    Re: Early Notes From (and About) Accra Meeting
    by KarlAuerbach on Tuesday March 12 2002, @05:43PM (#5249)
    User #3243 Info | http://www.cavebear.com/
    I am a Director on ICANN's Board of Directors. If anyone should have "inside" information, I should.

    As of this time I have seen no proposed resolutions for the Accra meeting.

    I was not allowed to submit two resolutions in Stockholm because I failed to meet some ad-hoc 48-hour posting requirement.

    We are well within that time limit before the Accra meeting and no proposed resolutions have been posted.

    However, I do expect the standard ambush technique in which ICANN's staff will be asking us at the very last minute to approve rather significant parts of the Lynn "plan", such as the evisceration of any meaningful at-large participation within ICANN or abandonment of the Independent Review Mechanism. Those resolutions may appear for the first time when they pop up on the screens at the Board meeting.
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