US House subcommittee votes to require .kids SLD in .us
Date: Friday March 08 2002, @06:24AM
Topic: USA Goverment Relations

The US House of Representatives telecommunications subcommittee approved a bill yesterday to require Neustar, as operator of the .US ccTLD, to set up a "child-friendly" SLD within .US. The bill would require Neustar to promulgate written content standards, registrar agreements, end-user agreements, enforcement procedures and a DRP, all designed to ensure that content hosted within the SLD is psychologically and intellectually appropriate for children under 13, and is not "harmful to minors."

The bill defines material as "harmful to minors" if the material depicts or describes sexual acts, or lewd exhibition of the genitals or breasts, in a manner that is patently offensive with respect to the under-13 audience, lacks serious, literary, artistic, political, or scientific value for that audience, and, taking that audience into account, is "designed to appeal to . . . the prurient interest."

The bill would require the U.S. NTIA to publicize the availability of the new .US subdomain, and to educate parents about "the process for utilizing the new domain in combination and coordination with hardware and software technologies that provide for filtering or blocking." That is -- as subcommittee chair Upton explained to Reuters -- NTIA is to explain to parents that they can protect their children from all that nasty stuff on the web, by setting their browsers to block any content except that originating from a domain in

I guess those folks wouldn't have to worry whether ICANN ever gets around to authorizing a second round of new gTLDs . . .

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Re: US House subcommittee votes to require .kids S
by PeterBarron ( on Friday March 08 2002, @08:24AM (#5189)
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This SLD will become clogged with advertisements. There will be practically no content that kids actually want. You'll see educational material that parents could get elsewhere, and web versions of every BUY THIS NOW! ad that you see on Saturday morning cartoons. My son is 11, and I watched cartoons with him the other day. The commercials were eye opening. This SDL will be no different.

To recap, this SLD will have:

1. Advertisements

2. Educational material available elsewhere that kids don't want to see anyway

and that's about it.
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Above post March 11 @ 02:49:06 MST by Ron Bennett
by Ron_Bennett on Sunday March 10 2002, @10:52PM (#5215)
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Wasn't logged in...I posted the above message dated March 11 @ 02:49:06 MST
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