Lynn Campaigns For His Plan
Date: Tuesday March 05 2002, @06:22PM
Topic: ICANN Staff and Structure

Ben Edelman, who has scribed most if not all ICANN meetings (but will be scribing ICANN no longer), just posted a note to the ICANN General Assembly mailing list stating that he scribed ICANN CEO Stuart Lynn's talk to the APRICOT 2002 meeting in Bangkok earlier today. Lynn's speech outlined his case for his ICANN restructuring plan.

Best (unintentionally) funny line: "Should be thoughtful, not paranoid. This won't happen too quickly; not in Accra, for example."

I've always found it very hard to get a feel for what a talk was really like from one of these summaries, although they do show the main points discussed. With that caveat, from the summary it seems that other than showcasing the ICANN PR effort in full gear there doesn't seem to be much new here. There are some good buzzword phrases, e.g. the plan is "not a government takeover," but there are also continuing signs that Lynn Just Doesn't Get It. For example, the idea that ICANN should be able to make people participate via inducements and threats:

"Increase participation
  • Carrot and stick. More opportunities to participate and get involved. Less constraint to slow down progress. Also "stick" approaches including requirement of payment of money to be involved in decision processes."
  • ICANN plans to increase participation by throwing out everyone who won't pay it? Could be a tough sell. But it should certainly be streamlined.

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    Re: Lynn Campaigns For His Plan
    by erony on Tuesday March 05 2002, @06:57PM (#5137)
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    Do you think Lynn really made this comment in his keynote, or did the once-and-former ICANN scribe, Ben Edelman, add some editorializing in is notes:

    "One day, I noticed that life at ICANN was getting boring. Going to exotic Marina del Rey… I noticed that Michael Froomkin was not being quoted in the newspapers as often as he might be, so I felt bad about that. I thought, to spice up our lives, why not reform ICANN to make it all a little more exciting? Decided to stir the pot and see what happens."

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    Re: Lynn Campaigns For His Plan
    by andyd on Tuesday March 05 2002, @11:20PM (#5141)
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    The carrot and stick reference is delightful, if indeed Ben has reported it correctly. "Right boys and girls, line up please. I said LINE UP. Listen, if you don't line up then you can't play, we've told you that already. Now LINE UP OR GET OUT." That's privatised policy making for you.
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    Re: Carrot and Stick Resolution
    by joannalane on Tuesday March 05 2002, @11:42PM (#5142)
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    Whereas the North American Free Trade Agreement Chapter 11 allows non US Corporations to sue the American government for billions of dollars and win.

    Whereas the overriding public interest lies in ICANN's ability to reduce the number of successful lawsuits brought against the US Government under NAFTA that result in substantial awards paid from taxes on the general public.

    And whereas ICANN president Stuart Lynn has determined in Bangkok that ICANN’s work is to “Facilitate competition” as a requirement of USG MoU.

    It is therefore resolved that the ICANN carrot is to go to large multinational corporations that have the stick to beat the US Government at the Board table, and the ICANN stick is to go to the general public that have enough tax dollars to keep ICANN in carrots for years.

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    Local Comment on Lynn's Talk
    by michael ( on Wednesday March 06 2002, @05:57AM (#5148)
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    Here's how a Bangkok Post IT columnist reacted to Lynn's talk:
    ICANN fast becoming a fading icon

    Icann, which once took its job seriously, voted to stop electing watchdogs for the Internet and have governments select their own bulldogs to do the job; a few members of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers retained their ethics, but the vote to shut the public out of all Net naming and oversight was probably the last big decision to let government and Big Business take over; sure, they're not democratic or anything, said Icann president Stuart Lynn, but governments are "evolved" and therefore qualified to run the Net, presumably the same way they run the United Nations and the war crimes tribunal in Cambodia.

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