Karl Auerbach's Unusual Decision Diary
Date: Monday March 04 2002, @04:46PM
Topic: Board of Directors

Karl Auerbach has posted what may be his most unusual decision diary yet -- a discussion of a meeting he missed, the Board's telephone meeting of Feb. 12. The most intriguing part is the speculation as to ICANN's potential tax problems. Any tax lawyers out there with opinions on this?

Of course, the report we really want to see is Karl's account of the Board's 'retreat' a few days later...

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Re: Karl Auerbach's Unusual Decision Diary
by rforno (rforno@infowarrior.org) on Tuesday March 05 2002, @03:02AM (#5132)
User #2832 Info | www.infowarrior.org
As we've seen repeatedly, ICANN is a runaway train.

One only has to wonder how far ICANN would have been able to go if Karl wasn't there to publicly challenge the ICANN Circus Agenda. (I'm thinking of SpaceBalls here with ICANN going to Ludicrous Speed)

There's an old saying that "[your] ignorance is [our] power" - a philosophy that ICANN seems to be embracing with its goofy policies, practices, the Roberts Security Missive from September 2001, and the current, half-baked Lynn Plan.

ICANN suffers from a bad case of groupthink and delusional levels of perceived self-importance to the world....things that are historically (and currently) a very dangerous combination to any organization with a global reach. ICANN - the Lynn Plan in general - is reminiscient of the 1923 Beer Hall Putsch in Germany, an action that used FUD, political extortion, and secret meetings (and violence) to lay the foundation to achieve the German goal of world domination using any number of questionable military and non-military tactics. Perhaps the Lynn Plan is a 21st Century version of Internet Putsch? May it meet the same demise by the world's response.

Congress should not be considering the creation of .kids - it should be reviewing and abolishing ICANN in its current form, putting an end to this rogue entity that threatens Internet stability with its self-serving agenda, questionable business practices and allegiances, mob groupthink, and delusional policies.

Part of me misses the days of FidoNET, BBS, and Tymnet.....
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