Focusing ICANN 2.0
Date: Tuesday February 26 2002, @12:15PM
Topic: ICANN Staff and Structure

susan writes "Stuart Lynn's paper doesn't mention the existence of contracts between the registries/registrars and ICANN that reflect the basic bargain that gave rise to ICANN -- a promise by registries and registrars to follow future ICANN policies only to the extent that they deal with limited subjects and reflect a documented consensus among affected parties. These contracts give ICANN its only powers, aside from those de facto delegated by the U.S. Department of Commerce by deferring to ICANN's recommendations regarding what new TLDs to add to the root zone file. It appears that Mr. Lynn's proposal overlooks the most fundamental characteristics of the organization he seeks to reform.

This article (written by me and David Johnson) is an attempt to remind us all what the deal behind ICANN was intended to be. It urges ICANN to stay close to its narrow mission (and continue to operate inside the consensus policy regime). The article is focused on concrete, pragmatic recommendations for ICANN's future."

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Re: On target
by PeterBarron ( on Tuesday February 26 2002, @01:34PM (#5089)
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I couldn't agree more. If this restructure succeeds, ICANN will have all of the excuses they need to ensure that there will never be any more registries created, except for those that they hand pick. Much like the first round. Everyone is welcome to apply and pay lots of money, but only those who sport the appropriate politics will be chosen. Without any oversight or public participation, ICANN will have free reign.

What I wonder is, if governments are as involved as Lynn wants, will there be any antitrust immunity to go along with that?

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