Joe Sims organizing a clandestine operation
Date: Tuesday February 19 2002, @06:26AM
Topic: Membership Issues

Anonymous writes "The following has just appeared on the ALSC Forum list:-

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> Subject: Joe Sims organizing a clandestine Operation
I just got a call from a source in the European Commission (Department for Information Society). Joe Sims was today in Brussel for some kind of a closed door meeting with Chrisopher Wilkinson and some other people of the European Commission (my source did not attend the meeting).

Sims presented plans for a complete restructuring of the ICANN board, without the at large. If I understood correct with governmental representatives in the board and with complete different set of ASO, PSO and parts of the DNSO.

I just reached Christopher Wilkinson on the phone who seemed astonished about my knowledge on _that_ Sims had been there. I asked for details of what Sims presented and only got the sentence from Wilkinson, that "he is not sure if Sims presented this as a position of the board or his own."

To his understanding, this will be presented to the board at Saturday and he told me, that he would be more happy if I could get the details from the board.

Short: he told me to piss off and not disturb the conspiracy.



[I might add that the tactic of 'speaking personally' is a common one to create deniability, or even just negotiating room, for one's employer. I have little doubt that no lawyer for an organization would express views regarding the fundamental existence of his client to a major government agency unless he had at least cleared them in principle with his client. - mf]

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The Mighty Morphing* Power Rearrangers
by fnord ( on Tuesday February 19 2002, @11:55AM (#4972)
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Michael writes:
I have little doubt that no lawyer for an organization would express views regarding the fundamental existence of his client to a major government agency unless he had at least cleared them in principle with his client.
I don't understand such niceties, but how is it then that Andy, a Member of the Board of Sims client ICANN, elected to represent that general geopolitical area as it happens, claims to be shocked to hear about it? Are other Board Members similarily in the dark? Isn't this similar to the Veri$ign divestiture deal? Was only the ExCom (if that) privy to the (lack of) principles? Or was only the staff in the loop? Who believes Mike Roberts knew nothing of this? Did Esther Dyson go to Russia to get them onside? How much of the ALSC budget was spent on this other agenda (well we all knew the clean sheet was intended to be a burial shroud for meaningful participation, but this really takes the cake we were supposed to eat, seeing as we had no bread)?

Do we even know that ICANN is Joe Sims employer in a legal sense? Does anyone remember Richard Nixon's inner circle of plotters, mostly lawyers, exchanging dollar bills so they could claim that their discussions were covered by attorney-client privilege? Is it too early to call this Simsgate?

And why have follow-ups from Judith Oppenheimer and Danny Younger appeared in the ALSC archives but not the original, some hours later? Is this a hoax? Aren't the best hoaxes ones that are so easily believable? Am I only in the company of Jeff Williams on this? Is there hope for me? More importantly, is there hope for grassroots democracy? So many questions. :) And perhaps so little time. :(

Quick, let's all get out to the airport and welcome Joe Sims as he returns and gives a Neville Chamberlain wave (.wav of the wave here), though a better historical parallel is probably Prince Metternich:

...had unbounded confidence in his own powers and foreknowledge, proclaiming infallible diagnoses for every ill...put little store in popularity, because he claimed to see the fickleness of the masses and their simple loyalties...thought that sentimentality in politics was a sign of weakness, since people were essentially good [well, few parallels are perfect] but their ignorance was great...His own conceit prevented him from seeing his own great weakness, the love for the tortuous and the mystifying...Revolution was a kind of disease, and measures of public health demanded international cooperation to cure this disease...In practical terms this meant that revolutions and revolts must be suppressed everywhere, not only in ones own country...Popular sovereignty as set forth by its supporters ultimately would lead to attack on all forms of property. This could not be tolerated...Once the idea of the sovereignty of the people was accepted, the life of the state, the working of the institutions, would be hampered by talk, corruption and disputes. This would lead to chaos, anarchy and despotism, since the revolution always devoured its own children.
And so on. Hoax or not, welcome to the new Cerfdom. -g

* Not to be confused with mon ami, le bon et sincère Jefsey.

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