Hello?? Hello?? Is Anybody There??
Date: Sunday February 17 2002, @03:21AM
Topic: Membership Issues

In the latest edition of the Cyber-Federalist, Hans Klein of the Internet Democracy Project notes that few people have responded to calls of the At-Large Study Committee for participation in the At-Large Member Survey. The "requested submission date" - Feb. 15 - has come and gone (though interested users have until February 28 to complete the survey); so where is everybody?

Klein notes that this lack of response is "curious," since "there has been widespread and prolonged interest by Internet users and organizations in an ICANN membership organization." Perhaps, he suggests, the low response rate "may simply reflect users' attitude toward the ALSC" rather than any lack of interest in ICANN or in an At-Large Membership organization. Sounds plausible, no? Is there any way to distinguish those users who really don't give a damn about ICANN and an At-Large Membership, from users who do give a damn but don't think that ICANN is going to pay any attention to At-Large Members in any event, and who have better things to do than to spend their time on more ICANN window-dressing?

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Re: Hello?? Hello?? Is Anybody There??
by alan on Sunday February 17 2002, @02:04PM (#4908)
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How sure are we that the survey software actually works? After I filled out the form, I think it promised to send some kind of acknowledgment via electronic mail, but I have received nothing.
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Re: Hello?? Hello?? Is Anybody There??
by kodo (binaryloop@nospam.yahoo.com) on Sunday February 17 2002, @08:06PM (#4911)
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I just took the survey.

And, question number 3 is:

3. Because At-Large representation and participation will involve costs, it has been recommended that there be a fee for At-Large membership. If a fee is deemed necessary, what fee level would you be willing to pay each year? (check one) (see http://www.xe.com/ucc/ for currency conversions)

[ ]US$5 [ ]US$10 [ ]US$15 [ ]US$20 [ ]US$25

[ ] If there is a fee, I will not register for membership.

Which makes me wonder if ICANN might try to turn this around to their own advantage? Why not collect a fee for At-Large Membership ?!?

Charging people to vote just isn't right...

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