Want to actually use your .NAME? Wait two to four weeks...
Date: Thursday February 07 2002, @04:15PM
Topic: New gTLDs

dtobias writes "I registered a .name domain as part of the initial batch to go live in mid-January, hoping to give my personal Web site a flavor more personal than commercial. However, several weeks later I'm still stuck with it pointing at the unresponsive servers inserted on original registration by the registrar, rather than at my hosting provider's name servers. I've attempted to change this, but the registrar's site now says:

NOTE: The .NAME registry is only accepting modifications every two weeks until later in the second quarter of this year. Once submitted it can take up to two weeks for the changes to take affect. As a result, changes you make, including name servers, may take up to four weeks to become effective. Changes made to .NAME domain names began being submitted on this schedule January 30, 2002.

Even the .info and .biz registries, despite all their many startup screwups, made it possible to start using the newly-registered names in less time than that. It now seems like I'll be lucky if I can bring my site live before the end of February. And if the current request for nameserver changes gets screwed up, it'll be another two to four weeks before it can be fixed...

I felt like giving the registry a piece of my mind (complaining to my registrar is pointless, since they blame the slow updates on the registry), but I found that the .name registry site lacks any "Contact Us" page, apparently because they don't want to hear any complaints about their (lack of) service. Buried in the site, under "Mailing List", is a form with a comment field, but it didn't work when I tried it. (The error page did have an email address on it, but I have yet to receive a reply to the message I sent there.)

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Re: Want to actually use your .NAME? Wait two to
by JohnR (yes@fakemail.com) on Friday February 08 2002, @08:41AM (#4839)
User #2937 Info
i said it before, but I am saying it again.
It just doesn't make sense to use .name.

What name? product name? service name? Movie name? book name? geographic name? government name? country name? nick name? school name? church name? lawyer name? personal name? It just does not make any sense. If an individual uses johnsmith.web, that might make some sense. Or at least use a TLD like .ind(ividual).

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Re: Want to actually use your .NAME? Wait two to
by dtobias (dan@tobias.name) on Wednesday February 13 2002, @11:51AM (#4873)
User #2967 Info | http://domains.dan.info/
Well, as of today, the name server changes to dan.tobias.name are finally in effect.

Now, I can only hope that, in another two weeks, it won't revert to incorrect nameserver settings due to an out-of-sync attempt to process later attempted changes (early on, after the first attempt to change the nameservers seemed to go nowhere, I tried the approach of changing them back to the registrar's defaults and then back again to mine; that's the method that actually worked at one point to clear up a glitch in making server changes for .info or .biz). That could mean that there are further nameserver changes still "in the queue" that, if processed in the wrong order or only partially could result in the nameservers getting set incorrectly, a situation that would take another two to four weeks to correct. Gee, I hate dealing with domains that lack real-time modification ability. It reminds me of dealing with computers in the ancient days when you had to give them your data in stacks of punch cards and then wait for the computer priesthood to get around to running it...
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Re: GNR Contact Numbers
by ANNODOMINI2000 (reversethis-{KU.OC.OOHAY} {ta} {D0002DA}) on Friday June 07 2002, @09:09PM (#6991)
User #3359 Info | http://www.ad2000d.co.uk/
They are there - click on 'about GNR' then go to the press release sections.
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Re: .NAME will flop... here's why:
by dtobias (dan@tobias.name) on Friday February 08 2002, @05:35AM (#4836)
User #2967 Info | http://domains.dan.info/
.name does serve a useful purpose; none of the other TLDs are intended for personal sites. If you're commercial, or an organization, or a government, or a military, the old TLDs had a place for you, but not if you were a person. While it's true that most non-geek people haven't yet seen the need to own a domain name at all, a growing number will probably ultimately come to the realization that it's foolish to let your email or web address be at the mercy of your ISP; there have been several recent cases of thousands of people being forced to change their email address because the corporate marketing types at their ISP decided to change its name and move everybody to a different domain. Also, there are lots of people, especially on AOL, who regret the "lock-in effect" caused by them using the email address on their first provider so heavily that they don't want to have to change it even though they hate the provider and really want to switch. Thus, there's a very large potential market for personal domains.

As for the multiple John Smiths, it's first come first served, just like other TLDs. The registry suggests appending numbers to either the first or the last name for subsequent applicants. If you find that awkward, you'll have to use your creativity to come up with a nickname that isn't yet taken, just like finding a name in any other TLD.

The registries and registrars for the new TLDs have screwed up a lot of things, but that doesn't mean that the concept of these new TLDs is bad in itself.
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Re: Want to actually use your .NAME? Wait two to
by dtobias (dan@tobias.name) on Monday February 11 2002, @07:49AM (#4855)
User #2967 Info | http://domains.dan.info/
It wasn't, as far as I am aware, laid out anyhwere that there would be a two week period between processing of requests to change nameservers (or contact info, etc.) for an already-registered domain.
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