Grassroots Launching of ICANN Suggested Advocacy Domain Registry
Date: Monday January 21 2002, @01:34PM
Topic: ICANN Meetings

freespeechcenter writes "Effective January 21, 2002, the Martin Luther King, Jr., U.S. Federal holiday, Free Speech Center Registry will begin issuing free-of-charge to any advocacy groups or organizations, third level protest domain names with URL redirection in the following general formats:



Beginning January 21, 2001, requests for third level protest domain names may be made via email to the email contact address on the Free Speech Center website.

Persons in opposition to the aformentioned plan are advised that the Free Speech Center operates within the jurisdiction and venue of the United States District Court, Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

According to a quoted excerpt from the 13 June 2000, ICANN White Paper titled ICANN Yokohama Meeting Topic: Introduction of New Top Level Domains captioned "Enhancing the Utility of the DNS," Section II, C, 2, "the principles of WG-C's (DNSO Names Council Working Group C) 17 April 2000 supplemental report point strongly toward introducing limited-purpose, distinct TLDs. Most of those favoring them urge that they be applied flexibly so as not to rule out the introduction of one or more fully open, undifferentiated TLDs. Differentiated types of TLDs that have been proposed for introduction under a chartered-TLD approach include:
. . .
TLDs intended for advocacy uses, such as .protest."

Absent ICANN action during the eighteen month time period following the Yokohama meeting to create a top level domain for advocacy use, such as .protest, the Free Speech Center, a grassroots effort organized to promote and protect Internet free speech, has developed four registries from each of the four primary, unrestricted, global, top level domains, consisting of global second level protest domain names for use as third level protest domain name roots:


Respectfully submitted,
Edward Harvilla, Attorney
Director, Free Speech Center

[NOTE: MS-NBC coverage of the story.]

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Re: Who's going to get it?
by fnord ( on Tuesday January 22 2002, @08:40PM (#4705)
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Yes. But I wish him and his silent partners every success so long as it remains free, though if I had need of such I'd take dtobias up on his offer first. -g
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