VeriSign acquires eNIC
Date: Monday December 17 2001, @04:25PM
Topic: Verisign/NSI

Anonymous writes "eNIC ("the exclusive registry for the top level domain") sent out a letter to customers announcing that it has been acquired by VeriSign."

Here's the text of the letter:

Dear eNIC Customer:
As a valued customer of eNIC Corporation and the Dot-cc top level domain, we wanted to inform you directly that eNIC Corporation has become a wholly owned subsidiary of VeriSign, Inc. We at eNIC are enthusiastic about joining forces with VeriSign, the premier provider of digital trust services, and look forward to the expanded opportunities that this acquisition brings to the company and you as a Dot-cc registrant. Our affiliation with VeriSign not only brings unequalled technical infrastructure and expertise to the Dot-cc name space, but a host of products and services essential for your success in today's digital environment.

As we begin to integrate more with VeriSign we intend to offer to our registrants new products and services to enhance your Dot-cc Web site. We encourage you to periodically review the eNIC Web site at for updates on new product and service offering. We will also notify you as they become available.

While certain operational changes may occur, eNIC will continue with current operations. You should continue to communicate through your normal eNIC channels. Together, VeriSign and eNIC will continue to make your service and satisfaction our priority.

We express our appreciation for your support and look forward to a continuing, mutually beneficial relationship with you in the future. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give your eNIC representative a call.

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Re: VeriSign acquires eNIC
by 53bowman on Wednesday December 19 2001, @09:10AM (#4147)
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Curious whether there was a date on that letter from eNIC (ie, did VeriSign make the acquisition this quarter or last quarter)? Company is claiming it was last quarter...if so, probably accounted for over 100% of the increase in deferred revenue in the qtr.
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Re: VeriSign acquires eNIC
by Muhhk on Monday December 17 2001, @10:25PM (#4103)
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The U.S. Government (nor ICANN) shouldn't have anything to do with the ccTLD's. These should be the reposibility of the relevant government, or an organisation acting on their behalf.

What is ridiculous is the way the ccTLD's are being sold globally because they look nice e.g. dot-tv.

Besides, I think the other seven G8 nations might object to the " from someone's basement..." argument. I'd much rather have a dot-co-dot-uk rather than a dot-com, firstly, they're slightly cheaper, and secondly have nothing to do with Verisign or the UDRP.
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Re: VeriSign acquires eNIC
by fnord ( on Tuesday December 18 2001, @06:19PM (#4131)
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Perhaps it's because the ccTLDs run from someone's basement are more dependable than ICANN's .info, .biz, etc. -g
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Re: VeriSign acquires eNIC
by fnord ( on Wednesday December 19 2001, @11:58AM (#4149)
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Using web-based email for your contact information has its own problems, including security (EG: Hotmail). I've also had a number of web-based email addresses go dark (EG: Excite), sometimes with no notice whatsoever that the provider was pulling the plug. -g
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