TotalNIC Holds Customers' Domain Names Hostage
Date: Monday December 17 2001, @03:15AM
Topic: Registrars

Anonymous writes "A couple years ago, I registered a few domains with TotalNIC, a domain registrar. Just recently the domains were nearing expiration and needed to be renewed for me to keep them. I chose to go through a different registrar this time, one that I've used with for some of my other domains and one that I like the service more. However, when trying to transfer a domain name from TotalNIC to another competing registrar, the transfer request was instantly denied."

According to the rules set forth by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), the governing body for domain names, all registrars are required to accept transfers after validation of the request by the gaining registrar, which was correctly done for my domains. So TotalNIC is violating those rules and forcing its current customers to have to pay TotalNIC to keep their name. They are holding my domains hostage. In fact, they are holding all their customers domains hostage.

I've tried to communicate with TotalNIC to try to see what can be done so I can transfer my domains, but that resulted in nothing. Therefore, I have created a web page outlining all the communications I've had with TotalNIC in the attempts I made to transfer my domain name.

This has happened to many people and there has been some discussions in some forums and newsgroups about this.

I found a way to slip under TotalNICs detection to get my domain away from TotalNIC, and I want to let others know how they can transfer their domains away from TotalNIC, so I've posted details on that page about how that can be done.

Also, with the page I listed above, I hope to get the attention of the media to get this known out there and hope that TotalNIC and the regulating bodies above them with take action to force TotalNIC to change their policies, or take away their accreditation for being a registrar.

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Re: TotalNIC Holds Customers' Domain Names Hostage
by Grumpy on Monday December 17 2001, @05:17AM (#4085)
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One small problem with what is otherwise a valid complaint -- TotalNIC isn't a registrar. TotalNIC is merely a reseller of registrar services offered by CORE. TotalNIC is not ICANN-accredited (for whatever that's worth), probably is unaware of the registration transfer policy, and may not be subject to the terms of the policy (depending on its contract with CORE).

I agree that the situation described looks bad... but as the registrar, CORE is the entity on the hook for failure to permit transfers to other registrars. The pressure should be on CORE for apparently violating its responsibilities as a registrar, and then on TotalNIC for apparently frustrating the intentions of its customers.

- Grumpy
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Re: TotalNIC Holds Customers' Domain Names Hostage
by Gilby on Tuesday December 18 2001, @06:45AM (#4112)
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That's the first success I've heard after going through their notorized document process. Some people have tried and have still been denied of the transfer.
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