NeuLevel Aborts Lottery and Returns .BIZ Applications
Date: Monday December 17 2001, @03:02AM
Topic: New gTLDs

Ron_Bennett writes "NeuLevel recently announced that they are not going to honor .BIZ applications that were submitted by more than one potential registrant. And furthermore, NeuLevel is returning the applications back to their originating .BIZ registrars to deal with."

Presumably refunds will be issued by .BIZ registrars for those returned applications. However, many .BIZ registrars will probably try to ignore the issue while some smaller .BIZ registrars could likely face backruptcy due to massive refunds/chargebacks. One may dispute a credit card charge (depends on card issuer) for upwards of 120 days (approx 5 months). I for one will disputing over $900.00 in credit card charges with AMEX within the next day or so unless I hear from my .BIZ registrar (Dotster) telling me a refund has been issued.

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Then they tried what they called the other other o
by fnord ( on Tuesday December 18 2001, @06:26PM (#4132)
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Coverage from -g
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How are others doing with getting their refunds??
by Ron_Bennett on Tuesday December 18 2001, @07:32PM (#4133)
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I called Dotster Tuesday since they never replied to my email I sent them on Sunday. On the phone I gave them my account information, number of applications, the amount I paid, credit card#, etc...the Dotster rep was friendly and took all the information and told me I'd receive a response, likely via phone, later that day or the next.

So at this point, Dotster has been made aware of my situation and has all my will be interesting to see what happens...and that's why I write have others progressed with getting their refunds and what registrars have been most cooperative and which haven't...?

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