Comments of MdR Participants from Asia, Africa and East Europe on ALSC Report!
Date: Thursday November 15 2001, @01:05PM
Topic: Membership Issues

Anonymous writes "

Comments on the ALSC Final Report in the name of some participants in the Marian del Rey 2001 ICANN meeting, mainly from countries in the early stages of Internet development (Nov. 15, 2001)

We hold the opinion that the allocation of nine Board seats, to be filled by elections by the At-Large Membership is fundamentally important to maintain the participatory bottom-up structure of ICANN, as originally envisioned.

To limit the At-Large Membership to domain name holders would - in terms of the economic and regulatory environments in many of our countries - immediately exclude citizens of our countries from participation.

If a balance of seats between board members elected by internet users and board members nominated by the internet suppliers groups is not achieved, the present unbalanced composition of the ICANN Board is threatening the legitimacy of ICANN as a whole.

The proposed principle of checks and balances between users, developers, and providers looks arbitrary and is not clear, as there are overlaps between developers and providers; moreover, it is not clear in the ALSC report which group is to be considered under which criteria. On the other hand, the structures of users versus suppliers, or of customers versus producers, is clear and a generally well known method of balancing interests. We cannot find in the ALSC report any convincing reason why the present 9 to 9 system is to be changed. A change of this 9 to 9 split is not representing a consensus in the internet community."

To avoid the financial burden of centralized at-large elections, we propose a regionally diversified at-large election procedure. Specifically, we recommend that the presently elected at-large directors initiate organizing regional at-large councils in consultation with existing and concerned groups and individuals that can assist in providing logistic and financial support for organizing regional internet user's participation in the ICANN process. Also the different possible models - e-mail address holders, without Web access or Web presence, or domain name holders - could be selected as membership criteria.

We therefore strongly plead for maintaining an At-Large structure where the internet community in many developing countries is not excluded from participation, to initiate the possibility for new At-Large members to register, to elect the remaining 4 directors also from four regions in rotated order, and to retain 9 seats for board members to be elected by the At-Large Membership. In each term, every region which has two directors will be chosen to fill the position of the region with only one director in the previous term.

As new elections for the presently serving 5 at-large director positions are due to be held in 2002, time is running and urgent actions are needed.

23 Participants from Africa, Asia and East European Countries

Asomiddin Atoev / Tajikistan,
Charles Musisi / Uganda,
Christina Haralanova / Bulgaria,
Chun Eung Hwi / Korea,
Daniel Yakmut Inusa / Nigeria,
Gilbert Lumantao / Phillipines,
Hakikur Rahman / Bangladesh,
Jeonghye Choi / Korea,
Maman Sani Zakari / Niger,
Mariusz Kondrat / Poland,
Nino Kunstseva-Gabashvili / Georgia,
Nobert Klein / Cambodia,
Paulos Nyirenda / Malawi,
Perpetus Jacques Houngbo / Benin,
Rajesh Sharma / Thailand,
Slobodan Markovic / Yugoslavia,
Thierry Amoussougbo / Benin,
Toshimaru Ogura / Japan,
Valerie Gordon / Jamaica,
William Tevie / Ghana,
Xoliswa Kakana / South Africa,
Yashar Hajiyev / Azerbaijan,
Zenaida Ugart / Phillipines

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