Now in the Tikki Room . . .
Date: Saturday November 03 2001, @01:06PM
Topic: ICANN Meetings

A series of interesting and important meetings has been scheduled for the upcoming ICANN meeting in Marina del Ray. The organizers decided that with ICANN management devoting all but half-a-day of the annual meeting program to security topics, they would take it on themselves to put together worthwhile sessions on .org divestiture; the privacy and civil liberties components of security; the at-large membership; and ICANN's historical development. ICANN management has informed the organizers that, because of security and space restrictions, none of these meetings can be held on-site. As a result, they're taking place in the Best Western Jamaica Bay Inn across the street, in the "Tikki Room." Come on -- the Tikki Room? It would be sorta funny if it weren't so sad . . .

Here's the program:

Tuesday, Nov. 13

.ORG Divestiture Working Meeting
The meeting on .org divestiture is for people who are seriously interested in developing an application, or in supporting or working with organizations that will submit an application to become the sponsoring organization of the new dot ORG. The meeting is informal.

* Kilnam Chon (co-moderator)
* Milton Mueller (co-moderator)

Civil Society meeting on Surveillance and Privacy
A panel discussion on recent events concerning security and reduced civil liberties in cyberspace.

* Toshimaru Ogura, Japanese Net workers against Surveillance Task Force (NaST)
* Bobson Wong, Digital Freedom Network (DFN)
* Sarah Andrews, Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC)
* Alan Davdison, Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT)
* Chris Chiu, ACLU (moderator)

Dialog with the At Large Directors
Informal roundtable discussion with the five elected ALM directors.
Lunch will be available for free beginning at noon.

* Ivan Moura-Campos
* Masanobu Katoh
* Andy Mueller-Maguhn
* Karl Auerbach
* Nii Quaynor (invited)
* Wolfgang Kleinwaechter (moderator)

Internet Privatization and the Newco Commitments
Panel discussion of the privatization the DNS and the creation of "Newco" (what became ICANN). Speakers will debatge the extent to which policy commitments made in 1998 constrain today's decisions. This program is still in flux. Tentative panelists are:

* Izumi Aizu (invited; Asia)
* European Commission
* Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC)
* U.S. Dept. of Commerce
* Boston Working Group
* IFWP Participant/organizer

Roundtable Working Discussion on the At Large Membership
Speakers are invited from groups that have made comments on the ALSC recommendations. The format has been left open so that we can adapt to developments that occur at the Sunday and Monday meetings.

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Re: Now in the Tikki Room . . .
by fnord ( on Saturday November 03 2001, @05:25PM (#3384)
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Quite so, but this ICANN theatre of the absurd doesn't mean one is in a comma, it's more like being in a colon. -g
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