What do you do when being reasonable gets you ignored
Date: Thursday November 01 2001, @02:49AM
Topic: ICANN Staff and Structure

dpf writes "What do you do when the President of ICANN and the Chair of the Names Council won't even reply or acknowledge you when you raise a serious issue with them in a temperate and non inflammatory manner?

You are not an inveterate e-mailer to them on issues. It is the first time you have raised an issue with them and it was indeed an important issues with significant consequences. Do you just give up on ICANN or is there something else one can do."

Now the issue that I (and others) raised is whether ICANN has any role in ensuring DNSO constituencies obey their own rules or is a constituency able to do anything at all without fear or favour. My e-mail on the issue is at http://www.dnso.org/clubpublic/ga/Arc08/msg02260.html.

At a time when numerous barriers are being laid down to those who are trying to form an individual's constituency it is important to establish what restrictions, if any, apply to the behaviour of a constituency after it has been recognised.

Yet neither the ICANN President nor the Names Council Chair could find even 30 seconds to acknowledge the e-mail let alone provide guidance as to how the issue could be resolved.

So what does one do. Giving up on ICANN is not a good idea so I raise the issue on ICANNWatch hoping the extra publicity might actually help get an answer.

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